A special message about the 4th of July

Today I will turn from my usual topic of God and the Bible for the most part to talk about this nation I live in, the United States of America. Why? To approach a topic that needs to be understood. The teachings of the Bible is to be the light and the truth. This is why I am pursuing this topic of nationalism and state governance.
The Civil War was both a great victory, but at the same time a great defeat. The victory was due to this nation beginning to acknowledge that all humanity be it their skin color or their sexual orientation to be treated as equals. For it is not humanities province to place judgment upon others in humanity due to these factors named above. This however does not mean that those in the latter category have the right to impose their values upon those that chose to follow the true teachings of the Bible.
The defeat is something that those upon the left are just now awakening too. The tenth amendment of the constitution. That those rights not directly given to the federal government are the domain of the not just the state, but the county and the city. You see the Civil War started federalism, which is counter to what the founding fathers of this nation wanted. In fact it is the total opposite. It is this type of federalism which caused the Revolutionary War in the firsts place. No central government should dictate what those within their nation should do or not do.
This federalism is the foundation of those upon the left’s beliefs that is until President Trump. Now suddenly they are pushing for state’s and cites’ rights to govern themselves.
Their main reason for this at this time is immigration. However, Due to congress, immigration is the jurisdiction of the federal government. So per the tenth amendment those cities and states that are calling themselves “sanctuaries,” are in fact in violation of the law.
One thing that those that call themselves “conservatives” have been pushing for decades is a return of powers that have been appropriated by the federal government and returned to the states. Like education as a prime example. This is one thing that most do not understand. Each state within this union, even though you can freely travel from one state to the next, with the sole exception of California, is that they are their own nation. Again I turn to the Civil War to make this image.
A prime example is Robert E. Lee. General Lee did not resign as the general in charge of West Point, and then enter in to the war to oppose the United States. He resigned and returned to his state, or nation, which is Virginia. He joined to defend Virginia. He joined to defend his state from invasion from other states. States I may add that were predominantly Republican. You see the Democratic Party was for slavery, the Republican Party was against slavery.
However, the Civil War was not stated due to slavery, but due to the federal government trying to impose its rule over the states. In other words The North, which were also called “Federalist,” were ignoring the tenth amendment and those in the South wished to maintain the tenth amendment, as well as slavery. This was the great defeat of the Civil War, the loss of the power of this amendment, and its repercussions are still being felt today.
Now the federal government is behaving in just the manner that caused the Revolutionary War. Those within the government are wishing to impose their will upon the states. It is taxation without representation all over again. For those in Washington D.C. do not listen to, nor care to listen to those within the states, be they Republican or Democrat. All they seek after is to be the new royalty, thus heading us toward what is now happening to Venezuela, which is a Socialist Nation now in its own Civil War.
The Constitution was written by Godly men that followed the teachings of the Bible. Were they perfect? No. Did they have slavery? Yes, but their goal was in time to remove slavery. Unfortunately it took a Civil War to achieve this goal. Could we be headed to a new Civil War? I don’t know, but all the signs point to a change that is coming. A change that may come in the form of something that very few now realize. The return of Jesus Christ.

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