If you are rich you should be humble

These are the words of James. He says that if we are poor we should be boosting for God has honored us. There are many ways to take this but I am reminded of Matthew chapter 6 myself. In which Jesus makes it clear that we are not to store up riches here on earth for our reward is in heaven. Jesus also states that those that seek their reward here on earth are receiving the reward here and not in the eternal live to come. This is why those that are rich should be humble.
Then why are so many that are rich not humble? Could it be they do not know or accept Jesus Christ as their Savior? This is a possibility, but it is not my place to say yes or no to that question. Do I have the right to ask the question? By all means yes I do. For when we see those that say they are “Godly” yet their manner and actions bring this into question, then the question needs to be asked.
Jesus stated that we are to be a light unto the world and we are to reflect His life. Jesus was the walking embodiment of the Bible itself. He never sinned. Humans do not have that, so we must ever seek to chip the sin out of our minds, and bodies. Does the fact that someone not being humble when they are rich mean they are not following Christ? The answer is in what else do they do? Do they lie? Do they curse? Do they know the Bible?
These are only three questions, but they are many more that we can get from the Bible and apply to them. Even in the Bible there are many questions asked of us to see if people are working toward the glory of God. Many of these questions are directed straight at us the reader.
As we look at those that do things that are not within the Bible and are in actuality opposite the Bible we can form an opinion. We are even told to use this opinion, to either help this person back to God or even to the point of avoiding them.
Jesus even states that there are those that will be like swine. You cast the love of Christ at their feet like pearls and all they will do is trample them then turn and tear you to pieces.
If people do not follow God, those that do follow God should not follow them. We cannot change them no matter how much we hope we can. They are lost and it is their own doing. The road to hell is wide, but the road to heaven is narrow and difficult. There is no easy way and any that offer an easy way are most likely offering damnation.
So remember when you see a boastful rich person to eye them carefully and do not allow them to lead you away from God.

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