God First part 3

We are told to seek out the kingdom of heaven and to seek out righteousness. In multiple commentaries it places emphasis that we are to seek out God first. That we should strive to be righteous in all that we do. Will we stumble and fall? Yes, but as long as we pick ourselves up and return to seeking to place God over all we do then we are heading down the right path.
It is a path that will be rough, you will find that not all wish to follow it for they will say that it is too hard and many times you will find that you are shunned, hated and even rejected by those that you once thought were your friends and allies.
They may even ostracize you and call you unworthy, a fanatic and even crazy. These are all things we are warned will happen to us once we go down the narrow road, for most would rather take the wide and easy path, not realizing they are, but they do anyway. It will be painful at times and even lonely, but if you know you are grounded correctly and properly within the teachings of the Bible you have nothing to fear.
One of the hugest misconceptions plaguing the world and even the church is the belief that all there is, is this world we now live within in. This is the furthest thing from the truth. For Christ has promised us an eternal life, yet many still mourn the passing of a loved one more than they should. In all actuality it should be a time for rejoicing for they have been called home unto God if they have tried to live a good and righteous life and avoided sin as best they could through the glory of Christ.
Now I can understand there being sorrow and weeping if they did not, for they may not make it passed the Great White Throne Judgment.
This is why it is so important to strive to place God first in all we do. So when we are called up into heaven we know it will be because we have finished our commission for Christ and we have been a good and righteous servant unto God, His Son and the world and we will have left it at least slightly better than when we first entered into it.
It is then that we will know without a doubt that the life we just left was nothing more than a proving ground. A short test to see if we would stay loyal to the Creator of all and everything by turning from sin.

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