Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: FINALLY!!!

This last Sunday I finally heard a true preaching of the Bible from a minister. It was shocking and yet satisfying.
To hear a man standing upon the dais actually teaching the Word of God. Saying that to live for sexuality either outside the marriage or with those specifically named sins with the Bible was not living for God, but for themselves. To hear him say, that we are to be a true reflection of Christ. That we are to follow the teachings and commandments within the Bible, but not to a place a ritualism, but by both faith and works combined. Saying that we are not to seek after money to be seek after our rewards which are not of this earth, but in the eternal life that is to come.
To hear my own beliefs be reaffirmed and shown to be the truth of following Jesus Christ as my Savior. It was amazing.

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