To seek God

There are those out there that are seeking God. They come from all facets of life, and all live in sin.
They know there is a God. They wish to know Him better.
Many seek Him in various religions. But all religions save one fall short of this. All religions, except the one, aren’t even half as old as the exception to the rule. Yet time after time people try to change these facts to suit their wishes and desires.
It is in human’s nature to seek after the least painful way. This is so they can feel comfortable with how they chose to live their lives as they come to a place of comfort with how they wish to exist.
In simpler terms they say they are seeking God, yet they stop from the pursuit of this very endeavor.
This one religion is Judaism, from this religion came Christianity. Many would say these are two different religions. However, they actually aren’t. It is just an action of denial on the part of those within Judaism that keeps them from accepting the Christian aspect. For they do not wish to accept that Jesus the son of Mary is the fulfillment of all the prophecies within the Torah.
This is one of the first step to truly seeking after God. That being to acknowledge and accept that Jesus is His Son. His Son made to be human. To live a human life. His Son who at the age of nine knew more about the Bible then all the Jewish scholars at the great Temple within Jerusalem. His son who when baptized had the Holy Ghost come down from heaven and enter into His body, which is free of all sin. His Son who told many in the beginning that He was the implementation and completion of prophecy. Yet they quickly rejected Him. For He was not the image humans had taught them to look for, but the total opposite.
Their rejection led to the complete and full fulfillment of all prophecies when they placed Him upon the cross. Then rose from the dead on the third day.
When seeking God all must accept that they can only find God through His Son, who is Jesus Christ. They must do this wholeheartedly and completely, with love in their hearts for Him who created all. With love of His Son, and a desire to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
If they do this with all their heart. Then their journey begins in actually seeking God.
But understand. If this is a true desire. Then you will experience pain. For you will struggle with your sin nature the rest of your life. There is no comfortable spot when truly seeking God. There is only respite between trials and tribulations.
There will be acknowledgment that you cannot live in certain lifestyles. And acceptance of this will cause many to live with some emotional pains the rest of their lives.
But it is required when truly seeking God. For if the Bible says you cannot get into heaven if you live in this manner. Then you must concede this to be the truth and turn from it no matter the personal agony you must experience.
This is what is required to seek God.

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