“I can’t believe in a fairytale”

These are the words spoken by many that have never taken the time to learn about Jesus Christ or the Bible or even God.
They listen to people that teach them that Christ is a myth, a fiction, a fairytale.
Many live under the assumption that the Bible did not exist until 1611 when the translation of the Bible into English was competed.
They don’t know its history or the facts that there are documents outside the Bible and physical evidence that Jesus Christ did walk upon the earth.
What is even more astounding is they say they cannot believe in a fairytale yet on the other hand they become fully engrossed into a world or worlds of absolute fantasy.
Examples: Superman. A character that two Jewish men made up and state clearly they based him off of Christ. He has even died and been resurrected.
Anakin Skywalker a.k.a. Darth Vader. In the fourth movie otherwise known as episode one. He is conceived of a virgin birth.
Dune – Paul Atreides Muad’Dib is a messiah-like character.
I can keep going, but I feel I have made my point.
People seek after a messiah even when they deny the one that is the true Savior. It is something that is within us. Something our soul seeks to have filled.
Yet when people deny God and His Son, they become lost, forlorn, confused, bewildered.
So, since they deny the truth, the reality. They fantasize a fiction, a fairytale to believe in. They seek out anything to fill their existence. To make them feel whole, wanted, needed.
So they become engrossed into fantasies and fictions clinging onto to them as tightly as possible. They dress up in costume, identify with the characters.
Spend millions of dollars to see their movies, read their books, their comics and watch their television shows.
All to feel whole and complete a part of the fantasy.
All the while Jesus. A person once again as stated above is documented to have existed outside the Bible.
Who has witnesses that saw Him alive after His resurrection and have letters written to those that saw Him before and after His death no later than a few year after these events took place. At no other time in history has this even happened to any in any other religious group. With a statement of faith and belief that can be shown was made as early as eight years after His resurrection and over five hundred witnesses were still around to dispute these claims yet none ever did.
Then those that state they cannot believe in a fairytale, need to start looking at what they now believe and ponder what fantasy is real and what is not.

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