Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: Censorship

One of the marks of Christianity is the ability to be open to debate and discussion upon the scripture. It was the ability to debate that allowed Martin Luther for a time to be able to mature in his believes that led him to write his thesis and thus begin the Reformation, which was needed. Not all agree on certain facts within the Bible, which is why we have so many denominations.
When people profess to be open to the truth of the Bible, but proceed to censor countering points of view is a sign of hypocrisy and close-mindedness. This is the same symptoms that plagued the Pharisees when Christ walked amongst us. It is their unwillingness to surrender to change that led them to crucify the Son of God.
It is due to debate that my views and believes in God have grown in the correct direction. It saddens me that people would censor conflicting views and not offer a proper debate on the issues presented.