Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: the “real gods”

I always find it difficult to re-enter the work place especially after a long weekend.
Well I can tell you it is not due to the fact of laziness or the desire to not to drive in traffic.
The real factor in it is that I see how separate I am from the world and those that choose to live within it.
The first thing I encountered was the heavy and detailed discussions of the sporting universe.
At this time of year it is football, but no matter the time of year it is one sport or the other that is the main focus of those about me.
They quote stats, know salaries, and even playing styles.
These are the real gods of most of today’s society. I will almost guarantee that if I was in Europe the topic would be soccer a.k.a. the real football to those in Britain and the E.U.
In reality per the Bible who is to be the focal point of our everyday life and thoughts?

[Jeopardy theme song playing in this blank area]

Ok so what did come up with?
Your church?
Your children?
The answer is God.
God is to be the center of our lives. With all our hearts, minds and souls, we are to focus all our thoughts throughout the day.
When God is first you may like some sports, but they are not to be the central focal point of your everyday existence within this temporal plain.
You may enjoy some entertainment.
We are to live in moderation. We can enjoy some elements some of the time, but once these enjoyments take up more and more of your live then you are living an imbalanced life and destine to fall. As is typical when out of balance.
This is especially true when God, if even thought upon at all, is a sideshow within your life.
This mean you are not following the teachings of Christ and have strayed from the message of salvation.
Think upon that for a while.

Don’t get them confused

There is obedience and there is legalism.
Legalism is following rituals and formulas of behavior, a prime example of this is Catholicism.
Obedience is just that obeying, but what is there to obey? The Bible sets out a certain type of lifestyle that we are to live. This lifestyle is not legalistic it is as I already said, obedience. This is something that should be something you desire to do if you truly follow Christ for they are His own teachings.
He came here to fulfill the rules of obedience not to replace them, so if any says you do not have to follow the teaching of the Bible just because you have received the grace of God’s salvation through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ, then they have either lied to you or have no true understanding of the Bible and its teachings.
You cannot live in sin and say you are a “Christian” period. Sure we all sin, but those that try to avoid it and feel remorse when they do it are striving to be obedient to God. Those that live in sin and care only for their own desires and happiness are disobedient. It is that simple.

The Greatest Commandments

In Mark 12: 29-31 Jesus states that there are two great commandments.
The first to wholeheartedly love God. Not partly. Not today and then tomorrow, you do not feel like it. Not Sunday and the rest of the week you do not care. All the time. Everyday, every hour. Giving praise unto God.
Sure time-to-time you have to deal with the world, your job, kids, and wife. Other drivers on the road, but it does not stop you from praising God in between. I do it. So I know you can do it.
The second is to love your neighbor as you love yourself. In Luke 10 someone asked who is his neighbor. Jesus replied with the parable of the Good Samaritan.
For those that do not know this. In the time that Jesus walked upon the earth, the Samaritans were reviled. Hated by everyone. Jesus also mentioned a priest, which represented religious holiness and a Levite, which represented religious wisdom. They were supposed to know the teachings of the Bible. Yet they acted selfishly and arrogantly. They chose to ignore the man that had just been robbed, beaten, and left the man dying upon the road.
It took someone who has been humiliated and humbled to show true love for his neighbor for most likely he had suffered as the man that had been robbed had been treated.
When you treat your neighbor as yourself, you are following the golden rule of do unto others, as you would have others do unto you. Anyone that you see in a day of your life is your neighbor. Be they Atheist, Agnostic, hypocrite or a fellow Christian. Even the person in the home next to you, or the car or truck beside you on the road.
You are an example of God. You are a part of the Holy Body. Through you, people see Jesus. Do they see a loving, caring Jesus, or an arrogant self-serving putts? If they see the latter then you are not following the teaching of Christ and need to rethink your faith and believes within that faith. Do not be Revelation 3:16