Are you breaking the first?

Now what do I mean by this question?
It’s very simple. Are we breaking the first commandment and not even realizing it.
Exodus 20: 2 I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. 3 Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
What is the definition of word “god?”
God – from Merriam-Webster it is defined as: 1 capitalized : the supreme or ultimate reality: as a : the Being perfect in power, wisdom, and goodness who is worshipped as creator and ruler of the universe b Christian Science : the incorporeal divine Principle ruling over all as eternal Spirit : infinite Mind
2: a being or object believed to have more than natural attributes and powers and to require human worship; specifically : one controlling a particular aspect or part of reality
3: a person or thing of supreme value
4: a powerful ruler
It also states this: a spirit or being that has great power, strength, knowledge, etc., and that can affect nature and the lives of people : one of various spirits or beings worshipped in some religions
: a person and especially a man who is greatly loved or admired
Wow – “a person and especially a man who is greatly loved or admired.”
That definition is a stick of dynamite into true faith.
People have in recent elections been creating temporal “gods” and allowing them to do as they please; without question or conflict. So there the first commandment is definitely being broken by millions. As is reinforced by the fourth definition: “a powerful ruler.”
The definition of love and admiration can also be applied to celebrates and as you watch and listen to how many of them act. That is how they see themselves as well, and if you do not agree with them they look down upon as if you are nothing.
In Oxford Dictionaries I find this definition: “An adored, admired, or influential person: ‘he has little time for the fashion victims for whom he is a god’”
“A thing accorded the supreme importance appropriate to a god: ‘don’t make money your god’”
Whenever you get reverence to anything or anyone other than the Creator of the universe you are in essence breaking the first commandant. That can include yourself.
If you do not place God at the core of your daily existence. Turning and placing all upon Him you are relying upon yourself and so consider yourself greater than God. So you are worshipping yourself. This is why God dislikes those that say they are of the “church,” but more times acting as if they are of the world than as a child of God. This is having another god before God and that “god” is you.
Ponder that for a while.

The Greatest Commandments

In Mark 12: 29-31 Jesus states that there are two great commandments.
The first to wholeheartedly love God. Not partly. Not today and then tomorrow, you do not feel like it. Not Sunday and the rest of the week you do not care. All the time. Everyday, every hour. Giving praise unto God.
Sure time-to-time you have to deal with the world, your job, kids, and wife. Other drivers on the road, but it does not stop you from praising God in between. I do it. So I know you can do it.
The second is to love your neighbor as you love yourself. In Luke 10 someone asked who is his neighbor. Jesus replied with the parable of the Good Samaritan.
For those that do not know this. In the time that Jesus walked upon the earth, the Samaritans were reviled. Hated by everyone. Jesus also mentioned a priest, which represented religious holiness and a Levite, which represented religious wisdom. They were supposed to know the teachings of the Bible. Yet they acted selfishly and arrogantly. They chose to ignore the man that had just been robbed, beaten, and left the man dying upon the road.
It took someone who has been humiliated and humbled to show true love for his neighbor for most likely he had suffered as the man that had been robbed had been treated.
When you treat your neighbor as yourself, you are following the golden rule of do unto others, as you would have others do unto you. Anyone that you see in a day of your life is your neighbor. Be they Atheist, Agnostic, hypocrite or a fellow Christian. Even the person in the home next to you, or the car or truck beside you on the road.
You are an example of God. You are a part of the Holy Body. Through you, people see Jesus. Do they see a loving, caring Jesus, or an arrogant self-serving putts? If they see the latter then you are not following the teaching of Christ and need to rethink your faith and believes within that faith. Do not be Revelation 3:16

A Commandant broken

Those who know God understand that when certain ideas come to them it did not come from within them. They know it came from an external source, for God is His own being, the ultimate being.
God has the power to cross dimensions. For is heaven not another dimension? God created so many stars they cannot be counted and crosses an expanse so big it is immeasurable. This is something a mere human cannot do.
There are those that act as if they are god. These people are blinding themselves to the truth and disobeying God.
“You shall place no other gods before God,” says the first commandment. Saying you are god, you are placing yourself before the true God. This is an act of selfishness and as I have pointed out before, to me, selfishness is the ultimate sin; for from it all other sins germinate.
False gods are yourself, another person, money, your job, sporting events, etc. Giving something more time and recognition than God is breaking the commandment. We are told to do things in moderation. This mean in little segments of our time, but once it becomes the main thing in your life, it is idolatry. So people need to search their souls and decide where they stand with God.