Kingdom of Heaven

“Kingdom of Heaven” (2005): Understanding the many layers within it. Part 3 – The warrior monk.

Hospitaler the warrior monk appears throughout the movie “Kingdom of Heaven.” Sometimes when and how he appears causes you to wonder and think. That is as it should be. Each person must make up their own mind about this character.
What is important is that this soldier of God seems to have the most wisdom of God’s teachings. He is an adviser to first the lead characters father and then to the lead character.
He provides keys of wisdom. Like stating that all God desires is your mind and your heart. As well as God seeks that you be good and perform good deeds.

Base Storyline: 5 swords out of 5 swords

Acting: 5 swords out of 5 swords

Special Effects 5 swords out of 5 swords

Overall: 5 swords out of 5 swords

“Kingdom of Heaven” (2005): Understanding the many layers within it. Part 2 – Balian de Ibelin

Balian a man in torment and a man tormented when he is first introduced. His wife had just committed suicide after losing their child during birth.
He is a common blacksmith and yet not. He is also an artificer, an engineer and a warrior. He has been educated and so exposed more to the Bible than most. He can read and write so he is not common, for if he were he would be illiterate and ignorant as those in power wish their commoners to be.
This is the first message that is taught by this man. Do not allow yourself to be ignorant, but you say: “I have been taught and so I am not ignorant.” I would challenge this. How did this man become so talented? Through a desire to learn and better himself. This is what God wants all humans to do. Yet most do not. They allow themselves to accept what little the schools offer and seek out no more than that, yet the schools offer less and less as designed by those in power. Designed to create the ignorant and truly uneducated. They are taught selfishness, but not self-worth. All humanity if they truly wish to seek out God will seek Him. They will seek through knowledge and the desire to gain this knowledge. For though knowledge you can truly study the Bible and so then can truly understand what is within the Bible. To allow others to dictate to you what is in the Bible is to invite ignorance of a different type. The type that we find illustrated within this movie.
We find he was born out of wedlock. A bastard. His father, the younger son of the noble that rules the lands conceived him then was sent off to the Crusades to redeem himself for this sin. His father did learn the Bible and so returned as a baron to his place of birth to claim what is his. Not his land, his son.
This causes Balian to journey to the Holy Lands. Here he arrives a nobleman, more than he was a few short months before. He is forced into a fight, prevails, and so gains an escort to Jerusalem. Here he shows true Christian faith. First for not killing the second man and then for releasing this same man. The statement is made: “Your quality will be known among your enemies before ever you meet them.”
These are the qualities that all people who call themselves Christian should have. The qualities that are taught to us within the Lord’s Prayer. ”Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” Balian forgave and even prayed for the man that attacked him and he was forced to kill defending himself.
The next key element within this movie that defines not only this man, Balian, but also Christianity itself. It happens when he meets with the King of Jerusalem. In their conversation, they start to discuss chess. Within this discussion is where the nugget of truth is found. The King states that when we stand before God we cannot say “’But I was told by other to do thus’ or that virtue was not convenient at the time” for our own souls are in our own keeping he also said. This is possibly one of the most profound statements I have heard in this modern era.
It is people’s responsibility for their own actions. It is something many do not accept as being true. It is another facet in the word “ignorance.” As the saying goes, “ignorance is bliss,” for within ignorance you can lead a live of peace and enjoyment because all you care for is yourself. As I have said before Selfishness is to me the ultimate sin, so ignorance is sin.
Throughout this film, you see a man, a human. Balian commits sin, yet who hasn’t? Do we hold this sin against him? No, so why should we hold others accountable for their. What people need to understand is that sin in the end will only affect the person committing these sins. When someone comes to God, they come to understand this in some way. They become remorseful and repentant when they sin. They try not to sin and then they try to do good as well to help overcome the sins they have committed.
In the final encounter between Balian and Imad. Imad turns to him and says (paraphrased) If God did not know him, then how did he do what he had done?
God knows all that we do. He only places burdens upon us that He knows we can handle. It may not seem so at the time, but we must work through it and seek out life. In movies and books, we are witness to this through struggles of violence and battle. Battles like that for the city of Jerusalem in this movie.
Study the man Balian in this film and learn. Do not just look upon it as escapism, which to a degree it is, but learn, from it and the man.

“Kingdom of Heaven” (2005): Understanding the many layers within it. Part 1 –The priests.

Within the movie “Kingdom of Heaven” there are multiple types of characters represented throughout the movie.
One of the first we are introduced to is a priest. There are three prominent characters that are priests in the movie. All represent the religion of Catholicism at that time period. It was a business. Gathering money, building churches, and acting like you are better than the common people.
The first priest is conniving, manipulative, and a thief. He is a perfect example of the corruption that was running rampant within the priest of the Catholic Church during the period the story is based within. It is not representative of true Christianity though, but in a way that is what they would like you to think.
There are many movies and shows around that people can and do watch, but there are few designed to actually make you think and when they do people usually do not think. “Kingdom of Heaven” is not a movie for shallow people. You have to look. You have to think, then you have to do it all over again. Simply, this is a movie you do not watch once, and it is also best to watch the director’s cut as well.
Religion is shown for what it is. A business, and within the business are those that wish to manipulate it to their benefit. The lead character’s brother is one of these. As you watch it you will see that there are two religions represented. One Christian and one Muslim and a prime example of its presence is when those that follow the religion and not the faith make the statement “Fill in the blank wills it.”
What is something that needs to be understood is that the Bible was not the most published book of all times in 1184. In fact the first printed Bible did not happen until 1450. The Bible was kept away from the commoners and many nobles as well. Humans learned the truth of the Bible through a few priest that truly understood the teachings of Christ and so tried to pass this true knowledge on. In this movie that was done by a warrior monk.
For the most part though religion was made by and for humans. It is still that way today. It is done when humans manipulate the words within the Bible for their own benefit. It is done when humans say you can pray for wealth and it shall be given unto you if you give them money first. This is a lie. For those that follow the Christian faith are promised their reward after their time in this temporary life we live at this time.
Then we have the Bishop of Jerusalem. Who at one point says to become a Muslim and then to repent later. It is here that the lead character states “You have taught me much about religion.” This was an important message within the movie that clearly states do not follow religion, instead follow faith.
Then we have the statement: “The pope has said: It is not a sin to kill an infidel, but the path to heaven” This is the most poignant example of a human changing the words of God for their own glorification. It was this type of mentality that caused the Crusades. It is something that was not needed to be done. It was done to make the Catholic Church, the central government of the time, rich and thus those in charge of it rich.
As you watch movies like this, it is time to think. It is time to understand. If you do not desire knowledge then you are destine to be the pawns of other humans. You are destine to allow wars, the destruction of nations and people. You are destine to look like those citizens that lived in Germany during World War II, which resulted in nearly 13 million innocent deaths.