Daniel’s journey into the den of lions

What caused him to be taken and given to the lions? It all boils down to humans trying to be more important than God. What Daniel did was say “no God is more important.”
In several recent laws humans are saying they are more important than God. This should have caused everyone that calls themselves “Christian” to respond as Daniel did. Most did not. They caved in and said let it be. This using what Daniel did as an example of what someone that calls themselves “Christian” should have done lays guilt at the door step of all that did not echo Daniel.
Ponder upon that and make the necessary changes required in your life to reassert God as the most important being in your life and in your world and culture.
(2 Timothy 4:1-5)

Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: ANGER

Yes I am angry. I am angry because people care for some wild animals death over the dismemberment of aborted babies. These nameless gentle beings that are known by God, but rejected by humanity are dismissed offhandedly while a stinking lion is killed. REALLY REALLY???? A LION?
When an animal is more important than what could have been a human says that those that call themselves human are in reality animals.
Now I worded that sentence that way on purpose. To me every child BEFORE the moment of conception IS a human being. Is a baby. The soul is already there, for God has stated in the Bible that He knew us before we were conceived, well He said that to Jeremiah, but you get the drift. All that is happening is that a body is developing to hold that soul, to carry that soul throughout this reality.
Jesus has always been. Jesus has always been with God even at the creation of this reality, yet over two thousand years ago His soul entered into a body within the womb of Mary and Jesus IS the Son of God.
But “humans” care more for a big cat than over 55,000,000 babies many of which have been torn and cut apart for their organs. Soon “humanity” will face it’s judgment and for many they shall see just how God treats the inhumane and personally right this minute I feel no pity or remorse for what they are going to suffer over and over and over again for billions upon billions of years. It will never be enough.
I’m sorry I just can’t forgive people this time. That is Jesus Christ’s job, not mine.