Confessions of a screwed up middle ages man: Negative consequences

Over the past several decades as we hear from the pulpit and dais of most churches. The statement that there is a negative consequence if you do not accept Christ as your Savior and live a holy life, is non-existent.
I actually believe that this omission is a form of lying. It has caused the inclusion to the point of allowing those that live in sin to be able to stand in the pulpit and upon the dais, thus killing this body of Christ they stand before once it occurs. For they only reach this point with the approval of all within this group.
The trail to heaven is narrow and filled with many obstacles. The road to negative consequences is wide and well-traveled.
Still people contact me and say: “hey you need to be more positive in your message.”
I hear this. However, I must ask this. If people do not understand that Hades is real, that the pit of fire will hold those that are told without question that live in sin. Why not let them know this?
Is not letting them know that their actions have negative consequences the most pure type of love?
Do I desire any to go to hell? NO!!!!!
Yet if all I say is God loves you. What have they learned?
They will live their lives as they see fit and how they wish to live. They will even rise up to be leaders in the church and say that God loves us all as we are.
I say this:
Yes God loves all of humanity, and He desires all to come to heaven. But He only gives one path to Him. It is through His Son Jesus Christ and the abandonment of living in sin. You cannot say Christ is my Savior and still live in sin. This is made clear within the Bible. It is made clear you can never get into heaven or enter into the eternal life in His service if you live entirely in sin.
I say this out of love. For I desire that which Jesus Christ desires, that all should make it into Heaven. Yet both and I Christ are realistic and know that most will not make. That most will enter into the Pity of Fire beside Satan Himself, and they will know eternal sorrow. For these are the negative consequences to living a life in sin.
This is what happens when you spare the rod. Without fearing negative consequences they become spoiled, selfish and self-serving. This is why knowing and understanding the Bible is so essential. If they do not know what is the correct way they should strive to live. How can they know what will lead to the ultimate of negative consequences.

Are you really trying to help them reach God? (A guide to Christians wishing to post Blogs)

Recently I was trying to help another blogger in posting his blogs since he was breaking one of the basic rules of posting. Something I myself have had to learn to control. I can tell he did not listen, which is sad, but that is human nature for you. So here goes. I hope this helps.
1) NEVER spam. Your message is unsolicited. No one wants to see it. It is your job to get them curious enough to decide to look at what you have to say. If you post the same message or a group of messages within a very short time period, you are spamming. I have been a gamer since 1996. So I know how people in a social media environment respond to repetitive messages one right after the other. It blocks what is going on before, during and after this plastering of your message that you felt was so important that it should be more significant than those before, during and after your post. This is the act of selfishness, and as I have pointed out in other post of mine: Selfishness is not the act of a Christian. Simply, be courteous to your fellow bloggers and this will itself open doors. You are trying to introduce those that have not come to Jesus to Him. If they see someone that is selfish and self-serving they see how everyone one else is in the world and say to themselves “Christianity is no different than how I live now…. no thanks”
2) Use graphics. You are trying to get those searching through the blogs to stop and read yours. Just posting words is just that words. It does not catch their eyes and so they pass you by.
3) Never delete a comment. Always post comments to your blog be they good and especially if they are bad. It is your task as a servant of God to try to teach people about how our Lord acts and cares. If people challenge what you have to say it is your place to answer them. You have chosen to be a blogger so it is your duty to try your best to answer these comments. When attacked respond with love, turn the other cheek in other words. You made the blog post you have to be able to defend it. You may fail to defend it properly but at least you made the effort. We are only human after all. Your response to someone attacking your post can do more to serve God then your actual post could have in some cases. (The only exception is spam comments which appear in your spam filter)
4) Make it as short as possible. I personally have the most problem with this one. Once you hit 1000 words, end it. If you cannot, divide it into something you continue the next day. See rule 1. If you are close to the end, go ahead and finish, but try to make the next one shorter.
5) Posting only Bible verses turns people off. Also, do not start with a verse. Jesus taught by telling stories. He did not go around spouting out verses from the Torah. He was teaching mainly to the sinner. They do not want to be preached too, and that is what you are doing when you post only Bible verses. Tell a story and if needed add a Bible verse that matches your point, but ONLY if needed. We are told to be like Jesus. Since he told stories, why can’t we? Personal experiences are a plus. It helps people to identify with you when you tell of events that happened to you.
I hope this helps.