one way

From corruption comes corruption, from perfection comes perfection

Any that think that humans can help humans achieve perfection or greatness is ignoring the evidence that has been given unto all throughout history.
Are we in a world that is run from Memphis, Egypt?
Are we in a world run from Babylon?
Are we in a world that is run from Imperial Rome, and we are all citizens of Rome?
Are we in a world that is run from Catholic Rome and we all answer to the Pope?
Are we in a world where we all speak French and ruled by a dictator whose last name has been changed to Napoleon?
Are we in a world that is run from Berlin and we call ourselves descents of the one true Arian race?
Are we in a world that is run from Moscow and we have red flags everywhere?
All these nations and groups sought after perfection. None are perfect. Most were even heinous and cruel.
All came from humanity seeking perfection and ignored that which is perfection.
Yet what is perfection? None can see it, none can touch it.
Yet it is there.
It does exist.
It is real and like all that is true perfection is eternal and immortal.
Yet none wish to hear the truth. They would rather take that which is perfect and turn it into corruption so that they will be equal to it, since they realize inside that they are corrupt and unworthy of perfection.
However, this is not the promise we are given by perfection. We are told by perfection that we too can be perfect.
How is this possible? How can corruption become perfect since corruption has only made corruption?
There is only one door.
There is only one way.
Yet they do not wish to hear this. They must be allowed to live as they wish, as they like, yet that is the problem with corruption and why it can only create corruption. Because what it desires is corrupt and not worthy of perfection.
But they do not wish to hear this. It goes against all they want. It goes against all they desire.
But there is only one door.
But there is only one way.
That way is Jesus Christ.
That way is to leave sin behind, to say I cannot live in the corrupt.
That is to say Christ forgive me. That is to say Jesus accept me as your child and love me as your servant. For only through Him and His blood that He shed for you upon the cross is the only way to truly reach perfection.