Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: it is safe to come out yet?

I had come to the conclusion, as the election neared. That I know without a doubt before 2020 I would be imprisoned within one of the many FIMA camps that are spread out within the United States.
Well for the main reason I refuse to deny in any way I am a Christian.
For the next part I could see the “tolerant” left under the control of President Hillary Clinton getting to a point of so hating Christians that we would be rounded up as the Jews were in the 1930s in Germany.
This fear has been removed, at least for the moment. For still we hear of these college campuses singing praises of a dictator who caused the death of millions. Yes many can say God stopped this left form turning my fears into a reality. However, the state of the world had not fully taken the discomfort away.
Due to the constant onslaught from those on the left, who have control over the media, our colleges and the bureaucracy of our government, will not surrender their last from of power and control. Still there is the possibility of persecution for that is promised with the Bible.
So is it safe to say you are “Christian?”
Maybe not, but I will continue to do so, even if it means my death in this temporal existence. For I know that when I do die here. I have finished what God has planned for me to accomplish and so I will welcome the coming of my eternal life to come and the billions upon billions of years I will be in service to the Creator of this universe.