The facts are on the wall. You sin, but are you repentant? That is the important question.

Someone that is repentant over their transgressions is aware they have done something that is not favored by God. So they seek out God through pray and ask forgiveness.
If you go about sinning and it does not phase you then the question must be asked. Are you really saved? The answer is no you are not.
Do you truly desire to be known by God? Then should you not be seeking to have a repentant heart.
Do I sin? Most definitely. Do I seek out God’s forgiveness? Yes I do for I know that I can fall back into the world and become lost. I do not believe in the man-made doctrine of once saved always saved. For I have seen too much and learned so much from God ever to believe you can keep your salvation.
The Bible clearly states that God will remove you from Christ if you do not bear fruit. For Jesus is the vine and we are but a branch within Him and can be cut off and given to man to burn in the fire. So we must seek to bear the fruit of the Lord and to bring glory and honor unto God.
Yet salvation is fleeting. If you do not seek out God then how can you be saved? If you are not saved then how can even think you are a branch within the Vine?