There is a need for a new church model

What is needed within the building that is called a church is a rebirth. Old churches have become bogged down in a business model attitude where the intake of money is more important than the intake of souls into the Body of Christ under the pretense of the latter.
The prime example of this is the invitational. For those unaware at the end of many services in many church is the invitation to ask Jesus into your heart and life. As is the practice they have all present close their eyes so the person asking for the help will not feel singled out. This is all well and good, but it also causes a major lapse in conversion.
What is needed after this segment is a group standing by that can reach out to this person that just ask Christ into their life. It is now more than ever that a mentor is needed and required. In my personal experience I have not yet encountered such a system in place.
What should occur is that the person speaking on the dais should then state that for those that just raised your hands there are a group of people waiting to talk to you right now and help you and pray with you in the moment of surrender to God. The person speaking then should offer a location for this person to go to that will still allow them the anonymity they are seeking and give them a place to learn more about Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit. It is here that this person is given a mentor much like is done in AA so they can have someone to talk to directly that will help them grow within the Body of Christ and not feel left out. The feeling of being left out leads people down the wrong road more time then not and is a major factor why many in the secular world look down upon Christians due to this very reason of rejection they usually encountered.
There is also a need to have an activist group. A group that is willing to go out into the world and make the presence of God known in various venues. Also to get involved in political functions and groups. It is due to the lack of Christian presence that this nation is in such a sorry state. Those that oppose God are extremely active and that is why they are winning. Why can’t Christian’s be involved as well? There is nothing in the Bible or the Constitution that says they can’t. And any that throws the “separation of church and state” dogma out does not know the constitution and is playing into the hands of those that wish to remove God from the government. This is what has been done for decades. Not only do people not research the Bible but they do not research their own nation’s laws which has enabled the desecration of this nation to the point that God is no longer going to bless this nation. This group should include a large number of the church membership.
I do not believe in Sunday school classes. I feel it is the pastor/preacher/priest job to teach courses on the Bible during church services. That way all get the same message and it does not cause clicks to get established. The idea is to bring all together in the eyes of God and not have one group better than another group. What is more important is the word of God and a true understanding of the Bible and thus God’s message and plan for all.
Arrange activities around the schedule of those that work different shift. Have Saturday services as well as Sunday services. Have evening and morning and even afternoon. Make coming to church something that is easy and harder to make excuses not to attend, but also make sure the same message is taught every single time. Also make use of the internet.
These are only a few examples. There are many more that are needed as well that will truly cause a resurgence within Christendom and the Body of Christ.

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