True Christians don’t measure success by worldly standards

But what are worldly standards? Fame, riches, fancy clothing. These things are fleeting and mean nothing to those that truly seek God. This is what proves the “prosperity ‘churches'” to be nothing but false prophets using God’s name in vain for their own riches, fame and glory. Those that teach this blasphemy are doing nothing but stealing for those in true need of God.
God made it clear that the rich have less of a chance of making into the heaven than a camel passing through the eye of a needle (Matthew 19:24). [BTW this is not has horrifying as it implies. The “eye of needle” gate in the Jerusalem wall was small and a camel had to almost literally crawl through the gate to get through it so some rich people might make it through, but it is not wise to count solely upon that.]
The greatest commandments are to love God above all else and to honor and worship Him first and foremost. Then we are to treat all others as we would treat ourselves. It was also made clear that we are to humble ourselves and to place all others before ourselves especially if you are in a leadership role (Mark 10:44). It is through this behavior that true Christians measure their success.
When you place God above all else this means you, yourself are unimportant only that which please God should be the most important thing to you. Now admittedly we all do not live up to this standard. I know I don’t, but I strive to do so. All humans falter and fall for we are not perfect. Does this mean to accept these flaws within us? No it does not. We are to strive every day to in some way remove these flaws from within us. Through pray and effort and acknowledging that we cannot do it by ourselves but through God’s Son the Lord Jesus Christ.
All humanity is corrupt and will fail, some more than others. Then there will be those that think that only through humanity can all glory ever be seen, but that is a lie. Not only to themselves but to others for it clearly states within the Bible that only evil comes from the hearts of humanity (Mark7:21-23). Any good that is accomplished can only be done through God and His blessing (James 1:17).
It is the ability to realize this that men have done truly great and lasting things and whenever humans do something without God it is lost and forgotten and only mysteries remain that confound and confuse those that are left behind. It is when humans think they are greater than God is when God reminds us that He is (1 Corinthians 1:25).
This is why it is imperative that people not seek after the world and its pleasures and riches but after that which is considered true riches in the sight of God. Seek Him out, pray, read the Bible and learn what it is that God seeks for you, but remember it will not be wealth or fame, but humility and sacrifice that wins the day.

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