The mask that we teach women to wear.

Due to many not truly knowing, teaching or understanding the Bible, women are being taught to wear a mask.
Now what is this mask you ask? Makeup.
They make their hair all fancy in none natural ways. They cover their face in makeup so thick that their true beauty is gone and what is left is a variation of clown face paint.
It is another one of those things where they must make themselves appealing to the world, to the temporal, to the fleeting. A woman’s true beauty will be seen the day they are given their eternal and perfect body. Yet they strive for this perfection in the corruptible. Some that will wrinkle and fade with age as all that is imperfect will do.
In actuality a person’s real beauty does not come from the outside, but from within. If a woman is beautiful within themselves it will shine for all the world to see. There is no need for greasepaint upon their faces. For the use of greasepaint is only good for those that wish to entertain for a brief moment, not to endure for billions upon billions of year.
Seek out the true meaning of the Bible and understand that whatever rewards you seek upon this temporal plain of existence will rot and decay away into dust including the external beauty. Seek out Jesus Christ so that you may see your true beauty that will radiate for all eternity. For we are all promised an eternal body, but few will ever see their true loveliness. The rest will be covered in worm infested burning skin and their beauty will never be seen for they never truly had any in the first place.

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