The challenges of true knowledge and understanding

Today I was exposed to two different sides of a coin that has become tarnished and corrupt. The coin is Hollywood. On the one side of the coin was a documentary called “Five Came Back.” On the other side was the movie “Silence.”
I watched “Silence” till the end and learned something about faith in God. I could not get partly through the second episode of “Five Came Back.” In the latter I heard words like “democracy,” and I noted the absence of words like “Socialist” and “Democrat.” From the former I learn the need to maintain true strength and belief in God even though it may result in doing so silently.
Now, however, is not the time for silence. Now is the time to speak, to write, to try and awaken those that have been lied to and those that have never been taught at all. What needs to be known is the truth. The very thing that many within Hollywood now wish to hide or may not even know what the real truth is about.
First off. Who are Nazis? Well, the truth is, they were Socialist. When Hitler took over the German Workers Party, he added two words to this group. “National” and “Socialist,” making it the National Socialist German Workers Party or as the acronym is none: Nazi.
So when these Socialist did not like what they heard they would riot and shout down those that did not think as they thought. That is how today’s Socialist respond when they beat up supports of the now President, Donald Trump. On college campuses in Socialist Germany they burned the Bible, they burned the works of Albert Einstein and others that did not support and agree with their Socialist agenda. In Berkley Socialist started fires to stop a so-called Conservative speaker from speaking. So as can be seen those that protest and yell and shout and scream and support a Socialist agenda in the United States today are the new Nazis. This is the truth, this is the facts. It is a Nazi agenda that is being pushed and supported by those in Hollywood, when they use words like “democracy.” Germany was and still is a democracy, the United States is not nor never has been a “democracy.” It is in reality a “Constitutional Republic,” thus the use of the Electoral College. So that the people on mass are represented not the majority. It is the majority, the minority, the rich and the poor that are represented by this republic.
The founding fathers of this nation dedicated this Republic to God. So for nearly two hundred years this nation prospered and grew. But ever present was events and actions that scarred this nation. Slavery until after a Civil War had to be fought. Slavery was not the only reason for this Civil War, it was also an attack upon the Republic. It was this part of the Civil War all lost. For those that caused slavery. Those that caused the internment of the American Japanese during World War II, and those that attacked and hunted Blacks will into the 1970s, known as the KKK, still existed and to this day still do exist. Except now their favorite pastime is the slaughter of the unborn. They are known as the Democratic Party and have once again embraces Socialism. President Roosevelt, who was the one that interned the Japanese once sang praises of Adolf Hitler during the 1930s, and enacted several government programs in the Nazi image, which worsened the Great Depression.
It is the Socialist deepest desire to silence all that oppose them like the Nazis did in the 1930s. One of their biggest threats are those that truely support freedom and free-will, that being those that truly understand and know the Bible. That is why Christians are under attack. To them, all that the Bible teaches is counter to their desire to control and manipulate. For the Bible does not teach this. The Bible teaches that ALL are equal. Yet those in Hollywood see themselves as today’s royalty. Their word are sacred and they know all, and any that question them are ignorant and evil. The exact same mentality that those within the National Socialist German Workers Party had in the 1930s. Their way was the only way to restore the greatness of their nation once again. It can only be done their way and ANY that oppose it MUST be silenced and destroyed. This resulted in the death of over 13,000,000 million people taken to places like Auschwitz, Dachau and Buchenwald. Six Million of these were Jews, the majority of the rest were those Christians that tried to end the Socialist agenda and answered for it with the lives.
Once again the Jewish nation and Christianity are under attack by those within the Democratic a.k.a. Socialist party. It was obvious to all that the previous and Democratic Party administration not only hated the nation of Israel, but Christianity as well. They strived with all their power to indoctrinate the youth of this nation in Islam and destroyed as must as they could of Christianity and weaken the nation of Israel. All being cheered on and supported by Hollywood.
Learn the Bible. Learn the truth, and learn history. For those that do not know history are doom to repeat it. I look at the behavior of those on the left and I see those that do not know true history. I see 1930s Germany being reenacted upon the streets and colleges within the United States of America. All I know is that people must awaken. That all must become active in how this nation is run and show how a republic truly works. For if they do not they will end up like Venezuela is as of a view days ago. A Socialist nation turned into a dictatorship filled with death, hunger and strive. All because they desired and sought after the “Socialist dream,” which ALWAYS ends in nightmares.

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