Lord Jesus Christ

It is truly life changing.

When you ask Jesus to come into your life you change. This is something many have not experienced yet they say they have Jesus into their life.
There is a singer songwriter I once met. He was in a world famous hard rock band. He used drugs, he drank alcohol and he enjoyed the company of many a groupie. One day he reached a low point in his life and upon that day He asked Christ into his life. The next day when he awoke he no longer was addicted to drugs, alcohol made him want to vomit and he became faithful to his wife. He now writes and sings about God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the most extreme example I know that shows how instantaneously and complete Jesus coming into your life can be.
In my own life I remember entering into the age of accountability at thirteen and seeing the boy I had been no longer exist. I become a liar and I lusted after women and thought only of myself and my own needs and desires. Not caring if I hurt anyone. When I accepted Jesus into my life I knew form the moment it happened to this very day that the boy I had been to the age of twelve was now the man I am today. I could really see the change in my personality back to the one I had before the age of accountability came upon me.
If you think you have asked Christ into your life and yet you are exactly the same. Still living a life filled with sins as they are called and described within the Bible. Then I must ask: “Are you really saved?”

Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: trials

Trials come to all. It is what we are told will happen within the Bible. Some will be by God Himself. Testing our mind and our spirit. Challenging us to think, overcome, and if that does not work turn to His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.
I have been going through one of these trials for about a month now. It is now time to put it into typed words what it is like to be going through this time of stress and hopefully growth in my faith.
From outward appearances the outcome seem to be bright, and bless by God. From within the struggle even though I do see the outward manifestation that is to come I still must make it through the dark tunnel to the light that awaits upon the other side of it.
It is not important the details of the trial before me, but it is one that in the long run will strengthen and hopefully allow my family to bond and to join as one. Through this trial I have seen the change within me from the man I was before my year of Job and the man I am today. I am actually doing things I only, maybe, thought of doing a few years ago. Now I know when the burden is more than I can carry on my own so I seek support from my soon to be wife and if that is still not enough we join together in pray. Turning over to God and allowing Him to lead us down the road He see that is best for us to go down. Should I go to pray first? I cannot answer that without thinking: “where is the growth?” A parent wishes his child to learn to stand upon their own two feet and not lean upon the parent anymore but to prove themselves to be adults. This I think is how God wishes us to grow as well. To stand upon our own two feet for as long as we can, but I must add that He wishes us to know when it is time to turn to Him and His Son and to seek their guidance and comfort.
It is hard to explain how to “know” which is the correct road, but I will say this. I can tell when it is me making the choice and when it is God directing me. I can sense within me that it is Him influencing me through the Holy Spirit, for I can tell it is coming not from within me, but from an external force that is guiding me down the right road.
It is important that people that call themselves “Christian” come to learn the difference, for when they do not, more times than not they listen to themselves more then they listen to God. As a result we have the society we now live within. A society full of pseudo-Christians, otherwise known as “hypocrites,” that cater to the latest whim and fad of “faith” being taught to them by those that have no real concept of God themselves. This is the thing that Jesus had to deal with when He walked the earth over two thousand years ago and had to deal with the leaders of the Jewish faith that would later crucify Him. They did not know because they did not listen God that Jesus was His Son, but on the third day when He rose from the dead all learned that He was truly the Son of God. Many today, even those that “lead” churches live like they are Pharisees.
A true believe in God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ is to have the knowledge within oneself that God is not “in” you. True the Holy Spirit can fill you, for I have felt the pouring of the Holy Spirit into me, but I also know that the spiritual world and the real world are two different places. God, His Son and the Holy Ghost can and have gone between these two realms. We cannot at this time, but we are promised that we will when we loss the corrupted with the uncorrupted. It is from the spiritual place that we receive direction from God, which is beyond this temporal form we now live in. When can learn the difference through trials of your faith, much like the one I am now going through. You learn how to grow in your believe in God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.


Why in the Christian believe is Jesus the way to God?
From the days when Abraham was first instructed to give sacrifice of a lamb unto the worship of God the foundation was laid for Him to be the way. The lamb was to be pure and unblemished, and believe it or not so was Jesus. No matter what you have been told, he never sinned, nor did he know a woman. For He must needed to be a virgin sacrifice like those thousands of lambs that were given unto to God from the very first one Abraham gave unto our Father in heaven.
That is one of the things that makes Jesus different, and then there is another. But what is it? The one thing most have the biggest problem accepting. The fact that He rose from the dead, that fact that He is alive this very moment. Here is something pastor and priest don’t say, but since I am a laymen I have no trouble saying since it requires the ability to think using science. There are those that believe that there is multiple dimensions. It is actually something that has been taught for centuries without many putting two and two together. What is heaven? It is a place beyond this place of existence that we now exist within. If so then Heaven is a different dimension.
God is real, and so is His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. What they ask us to do and not do is needed to be done for a reason. There is an ultimate plan. God wants us to live forever, but we are to be tested due to the sins of those before us. We are to be tested due to the actions of Kane. We are to be test due to those that walked the earth before the flood that required the arc that Noah used to allow creation to continue.
Jesus is our redemption, for He become the human sacrifice, replacing the lamb, to allow us to be welcome before God. Clean of all our sins no matter how great they were, but we must ask Christ into our hearts. If you honestly ask him into your heart those sins that are told us is wrong within the Bible become something we have no want to do. It becomes something that upsets us if we slip back into them and we beg once again for God to forgive, which He does through His Son. Why? Because He knows we are not perfect yet.
Nevertheless, there will be a time when we will be perfect, and on that day all will praise the Lord our God upon His throne, next to which His Son Jesus sits on His right hand. What will be amazing to many is that they will realize that it took imperfection to make them worthy through Christ to stand before the creator of the universe.
Jesus is the only way to God for He is the Messiah. The Bible is the only tool that truly teaches of Christ, and what is required for us to be able to know what we need to do to reach God.
Do not believe those that say you can live in sin and still go to heaven. You cannot. If you truly believe you are saved you will know it. You will not want to live in any type of sin, for within this sin you will know you are corrupting that which is pure and holy and special unto to God, through His son Jesus Christ