Month: November 2016

Millennial outreach #4

Let’s talk about Jesus

Now this is not going to be a sermon. This is just a look at who Jesus is.
Here are known factors that come from outside the Bible. Historical governmental officials mentioned in the Bible have been documented in addition there is physical evidence of their existence.
Two Examples: Pontius Pilate and Caiaphas. The latter of which the remains of his body were official unearthed and identified.
Furthermore we know also of Jesus brother James, a son of Mary as well, who was stoned for professing his brother to be the Messiah.
There is also archaeological evidence which corresponds to areas said to have been visited by Jesus.
So we have several points of evidence that support history and it can be said due to these facts that Jesus lived and was crucified. In fact there is none that truly study history that question the existence of Jesus of Nazareth. So Jesus as a human being is not doubted in any form.
What does come into question is the resurrection that confirms Jesus as the Son of God.
Now what I am about to state is an actuality you have to come to accept. A keystone of the Jewish community in the time period of Jesus was the use of the oral tradition to pass on religious information accurately. It is so solid that a Torah written in 600 B.C. matches a Torah from 10 A.D. that in turn corresponds to a Torah of today.
In the first twenty to twenty five years after the resurrection this was the main component of early Christians as well. This is due mainly to the fact that most in this time frame were Jewish.
One such tradition can be traced to within eight years after the resurrection, 38 – 41 A.D. Which in turn is included in 1 Corinthians which is dated to have been written in the mid 50s A.D., so within 20 to 25 years after the resurrection.
One of the myths out there is that it was a hallucination that those who say they saw Jesus after his death. Now why I say myth is the last key element of the tradition I am referring to. Five hundred (500) seeing Jesus post resurrection at one time. There is no way this is a hallucination. It is physically impossible. On top of which those hearing the tradition or seeing it written to the Corinthians are literally challenged to find those that still live and saw Jesus and ask them. No one could refute it. None.
So here is the Jesus that is supported by facts.
He existed 2000 years ago. He died either in 30 A.D. or 33 A.D. Three days later he came to live again with his wounds received upon the cross still visible. He walked several miles the day he came back to live. He then vanishes, He then appears in a locked room with all the living apostles. Thomas touches his wounds and he eats food. He then disappears again. So this is Jesus. If you wish to know more. Just ask.

The love of the myth

Why are they so enamored of the myth? The superhero, the fairy tale, the science fiction.
Because they have nothing else that fills the need to be better than how they see that they are. They hate the mundane, for that is all that they have ever seen or ever expect to see.
Yet this is not all.
They do not need to look for the excitement and release they find upon the screen or within a novel. Some have been told you can find satisfaction within a church. Yet it is not there. So when they are told to look to the Bible they don’t believe and so laugh and turn away from those that say this.
Instead many turn to the sci-fi and the fantasy. Dressing like their favorite character and wishing to be that very being, yet never able to make it. Never able to fully feel they have accomplished their desire. Then they must return to their dull and how they see it empty life. Not seeing that they are living a test. An examine to see if they are worthy to actually in away live their fantasies.
Here are the things that the perfect body is promised to us:
It is immortal
It can travel great distances in the blink of an eye
It can enter lock rooms.
Yet it will be able to walk and talk and eat just like we do now.
However when you tell them the way to achieve this perfect immortal body they call you a liar and someone who is living in a myth, a fantasy, as they go to learn Klingon and Elven.
The language of the Bible is something worth to learn and to understand. But to them it is a pariah, a blasphemy.
For them it must be the alien, the super being, the vampire for that is where reality is. It can’t be in the Bible and they must do what it says to achieve their glory and satisfaction in that which they seek.
They call the Bible a myth yet it has been shown to be the most factual historical document ever written. But still they would rather accept the myth they have been told for it allows them to live their lives as they want to. They can seek after their lust and pleasures as they want to. Not realizing all they are doing is enjoying the moment instead of planning for the eternal life that we will all live.
The only difference being that those that accept the true myth, the true fantasies will have an eternity of pain and sorrow, not joy and happiness.

Controlling the narrative

I just encountered an article which stated that those in power in Catholicism were hiding and rewriting history. Since the Catholic Church is the largest Christian based religion at 1.2 billion people. The person’s prospective was an Atheist one as well as nor fully informed of the facts. However they did cause me to think, which is what we are to do.
As I stated to a friend that had commented upon the article, I do not doubt that those within the Vatican have strived to pursue their own agendas and goals. This was proven and as a resulted the Reformation took place. It must also be noted that we use Greek when translating the New Testament. Since Catholicism uses Latin this begs the question of why? The answer to this also confirms that it was those in power within the Catholic Church to control the masses. A majority of the Latin variation of the book of the Bible were found to be flawed and inaccurate. So it became the consensus of the scholars of the Bible to stick to the eastern Roman Empire manuscripts instead of the western empire or as it came to be known the Roman Catholic Church.
This fact destroys the articles premise that the Bible has been doctored and is still flawed at this time. However it doesn’t remove suspicion from the Vatican, which is documented to adding things never found within the Bible and requiring rituals that again cannot be supported by the Bible.
Now that it is shown that the Catholic Church has done things in order to control those that follow their rules, this does not leave the person that wrote the article free and clear since it is shown that the article is flawed.
Within the article we once again hear the mythology of ancient aliens. I always fall back upon the liberal academia’s own wording of how a myth comes to be. Per them a historical event can become a myth if it is written about 150 year after the event took place. We know that the flood, which is the key element of the person article took place between 3000 to 2800 B.C. So that is well beyond 150 years and the context of the article dealt with the pre-flood culture. The person even mentions giants. Well it is shown that when angels mated with human females, giants were the result and it is said they did exist in great number before the flood. This person’s myth of aliens is design to remove God and the Bible from the narrative. Why?
This is all part of the progressive agenda, which wish to control their own version of the narrative so they can promote their own myths to control the masses.
This is why those within the Democratic Party have been caught showing a total dislike of the Catholic Church. For they are in conflict with each other. Not for God, but for those within the Catholic Church. They encourage false and uniformed narratives like ancient aliens for this displaces God and cause humans to look to humans to rule and control them.
What is needed is that people need to learn the Bible for themselves. To think for themselves and not let anyone from the person on the dais to the person in an oval office to dictate to them how they are to live, act and feel. There is only one being that deserves to be listened to and that is God who created the entire universe. Nature is God. Time is God. The Bible is God.
God gave us a way to commune with Him and that is His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. If we should listen to anyone or anything then we should listen to the one book that was written in under 150 years after the event took place. That is the Bible. People still lived when the letters that form the New Testament were written that saw Jesus. That knew the apostle and were and were the apostles. Yet people say the Bible is the myth? When did they start saying this? After the 150 year mark. So it is they that are making the myths, not the Bible. That is the narrative that needs to be listened to and controlled.

The works dilemma

Understanding how to know you are on the right track toward eternity in the services of God is something those that choose Jesus ask. It is something that is addressed by Christ and the apostles. What it boils down to is we must have faith and do works. Now it is the “works” that causes the problem. At the time of Martin Luther and the Reformation, the Catholic Church had turned into all works and introduced things like Purgatory, which is nowhere within the Bible. The Reformation itself set many down the road to the other extreme of all faith but no works. Many still today adhere to this view of belief in God. Neither of these extremes is right, and both of them will lead to a place none wish to get to be they saved or not.
The reality is we must meet in the middle of both faith and works as I first mentioned. However this does not answer the question of what is “works?”
Many will give you different answers, but these answers are so many because they come from humanity. God made it simple, yet few key in on the truth. Christ said we are to follow the commandments, yet he also added two more.
Matthew 22: 37 Jesus replied, “You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.’ 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 A second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.”
Also Jesus explains in John 15 that we are to bear fruit. This fruit is works. Though if we do not bear fruit we are broken off of the vine of Jesus Christ and thrown into the fire.
The apostles also gave examples of works we are to do. Marry one man to one woman. If we do devoice yet we live in sin due to this action we are to remarry. Follow the laws of the land we live in as long as they do not conflict with the Bible. These are just a few examples of works. Yet many ignore or are unaware of these works and become lost within the world once again. Totally unaware that each day brings them further and further away from God.

They don’t even realize they sin

People for the most part that say they are “Christian” don’t even see the little sins that they commit every single day.
When you ask Jesus to be your Savior. You are making an agreement with God that you will listen to the words of Christ and His apostles that have made what forms the New Testament. Which, in turn are amplified by how the Israelites were instructed to live and follow in Exodus, Leviticus and Deuteronomy within the Old Testament.
Jesus Himself states that if you are of the vine, which is Him, in other words “saved,” and you do not bear fruit; which is following the teachings of Christ, through faith and works. Those that are barren will be removed from the vine, their salvation. Broken off of the vine and cast into the fire. (John 15)
When someone truly asks Jesus to be their Savior, just out of pure love for God and His Son, they will seek to do and follow the teachings of the Bible.
That being said. Here are some examples of the little sins that make someone barren. First off, listening to music or the radio so loud that all you hear are the lyrics and the music. There is nothing else you have room for. Yet we are told to pray constantly. I encounter this issue at work nearly daily. I have to wear ear plugs and sound dampening ear muffs just so I can even think to be able to pray. Even if listening to Christian music if it is too loud for you to contemplate God, the Bible and prayer, then you are not keeping your life God centered but self-centered.
Now here is one I keep coming back to because people just don’t truly understand this one. Driving a vehicle on the road.
“Why this?” many ask.
In Titus 3:1 we are instructed to follow the laws made by humans. Why we are to do this is because no human power comes to be without God’s consent. (Daniel 4:17)
So if God placed certain humans into a place of human power to make laws that say to go 55 miles per hour, then we as Christians must go 55 miles per hour.
There is no room for debate. There is no saying man’s laws have no control of you. The only exception is when those laws go against God, the Bible and nature. Even then you must work within human law to get it back into right with the Bible. For it is not man’s law, but God’s, by extension of His consent, you are honoring and respecting.
So if you speed, cut people off, tailgate and any other of the laws you break for any other reason. You are in essence insulted God and telling Him that He is nothing to you. For by the mere fact that you are doing these things without thinking of Him you do consider God to be nothing.
So it is time to start getting these little sins reigned in. Not just the big one, for both leave your branch barren.

Millennial outreach #3


As we all know there are by category multiple religions, per Wikipedia twenty of them to be exact. The truly oldest of these is Judaism, which is a factor that we will get back too, but you need to remember this fact. At this time though we will center on the word “religion” itself.
Per Merriam-Webster one of the definitions is:
“An organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and rules used to worship a god or a group of gods”
Now note that it is an “organized system,” with “rules.”
Here is the thing, there is ideals and principles that are taught within the New Testament of the Bible. Now there were rules and requisites established in the Old Testament or by its other name the Torah, some of which the ideals and principles point in the newer parts of the Bible. However these rules were made of a different time and the need for them changed once Jesus of Nazareth entered the picture. But this point is a distraction at the moment even though it was necessary to mention.
What I wish to key in on though where do these rules and need to organize come from?
They come from a need by humanity to have structure and control over any given aspect of their lives. For without some sense of stability humanity as a whole loses control.
Does this desire of humans seeking control of their own existence exclude that there is a God? No it does not even though there are religions that do dictate this very ideal. In fact nearly one billion people think this very way, but they themselves constitute being labeled and counted as religious even though they themselves for the most part will deny this. They have their own organized system of beliefs and their own rules, they just choose to exclude the fact that there may actually be a God.
If you have ever entered into these buildings which are called “churches,” you will encounter a community of people which reflect many of the dynamics you most likely encountered during High School. There is a good reason for this. For those dynamics have been transplanted for the non-religious aspects of the halls of academia into this building people attend once or twice a week, if that. This is a factor in the need for organization that humans seek to have a feeling there is some type of control in their lives.
This however has nothing to do with God, even though there is the pretense of worshiping Him. It is this charade that fills all religions that has turned so many away from God, and it is all due for humanity to have rules and regulations about how they are to act and behave, within the buildings that are called “churches.”
Those that turn away from churches see this hypocrisy and so in turn see the being known as “God” to be lie, a fallacy, a fabrication, a fiction. Not realizing that what they are rejecting is in reality the rules, structure and organizations made by human beings. They are rejecting humanity and the human image of God. They are also rejecting the social system that was transplanted from High School by those attending these social clubs called a “church.”
I cannot attest for most of the other religions in this world, but this I do know. The God of the Bible and the Torah. The God that is the focal point of the longest lasting religion is not nor ever has been what he is shown to be within these social clubs that have stolen the name “church” from.
Many within the religion of atheism have strived hard to remove any portrayal or images of God from the public environment having already come to the conclusion that the hypocrites within the social clubs mentioned above would drive out people that are truly seeking to know what is real. They in turn give their own religious message on the fact that there is no God. They will spout out their own theories and ideals that have their own organization and rules that must be adhered to like spread hate and belittling those that do not agree with their point of view.
One of the methods they do this is to throw out this idea that the Bible and the Torah are myths. Their pretense for this is that anything that is written about any particular person or event in history that is made one hundred and fifty years after the fact is a false narrative since there are none alive to counter this myth that has come into being by the writer.
A prime example, the story of the siege of Troy. The Iliad was written four hundred years after the siege took place and within it are several events that can be said to be mythical. None contest this.
Here is the point though. Those that state there is no God and that Jesus was not a real person or that he did not rise from the dead made these assertions over one and fifty years after the actual event when it is documented that the New Testament was written within twenty to twenty five years, with oral traditions traced back to within eight years after the crucifixion and resurrection. This allows people alive at that time to challenge these statements by those that were the enemies of Jesus like the Pharisees, and those that did see Him after His resurrection including five hundred at one time, and since none did, that shows that those creating the myth are those that state Jesus did not rise from the dead and state there is no God.
It is also after the one hundred and fifty years that many of the rules and rituals created by humanity started to take place and over shadow the truth and the facts found within the Bible.
So those within all religions associated with Christianity have in many ways created an organized and rule oriented mythos and applied them within their “churches” thus leading to many either not going to church, denying the very existence of God or denying the resurrection of Jesus.
So religions for the most part are at odds with the Bible and with God at this time. It is up to each person to fully study the Bible and come to understand that God is real and that His Son did in fact walk this planet two thousand years ago. It is fact that he never sinned and died upon the cross for our sin. If that is the case, which it is. We must then truly learn the Bible and come to understand that through its teaching we can move on from this live into a higher and eternal existence that is no longer, in most cases, truly found in most religions.
A point that does need to be made. Yes you can say there are still “rules” within the Bible. There is a difference between man-made rules and those things which come from God through His Son Jesus. The teaching that come from the Bible are something that when you accept salvation are things you seek to keep and to follow. The rules made by humanity are designed to fulfill the wishes and the desires of that religion that has been made not by God.
Example: the Catholic Church and the requirement to go to confession, using a human to tell your sins to when all that is required is to pray to God through Jesus and ask forgiveness. There is a bit more involved but that is a topic for another time.

Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: The tight rope

I go through this world. Struggling against its temptations and distractions. As I have grown in my knowledge of the Word of God I see what is of the world and of its present master.
People have forgotten that at this time due to the actions of Eve and Adam we are cursed. A curse that can look like a blessing. Blinding them to what is true and what is truly real.
What are these blessing that are in reality not? Wealth, prestige, fame, luxuries, debt. As each of these things is required even in what could be called “the right states of mind.” It reduces that which we are promised once we move on to the next level of existence we are promised by God Himself.
I have come to see these vices. Some have come at a great cost. Others have come through truly learning the Bible. Yet still the world attacks. But I must not yield, as those that do not truly understand do without even realizing that they have.
We are told not to be a part of the world, yet to walk through it all the same. We are to be separate yet of, and it is that fine line that we must walk that many if not most fall from.
Most have never been taught of this tight rope they must labor to stay upon. Largely none have even climb the ladder that leads to the rope itself, and are drowning in the waters at the foot of the ladder.
Waters that are nothing but lies and confusion. Waters that carry them this way and that never letting them catch their breath as they struggle to keep their heads above the rolling waves, that constantly threaten to pull them to their eternal deaths. Mostly, all the time not aware of their very plight. Blinded by the curses of the world. Reaching for them rather than the ladder when it comes into their view if they could even see it.
All I can do is call out. Yelling that the ladder is this way, toward the light of God. However, most are so blind that they are repelled instead of drawn toward my voice and all I can do is cry in sorrow.

Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: the counter attack

So Monday, in black and white, I fell to my knees, sick of my weakness within sin. I was led to a prayer that I included within the post. It posted at 8:30 am. At nearly 1:30pm, almost 5 hours later. I was hit with a spiritual broadside. The world attacked me and through me, my family.
My home live which has already been going through a struggle due issue within the extended family that have been a part of my life for the last two years when God brought me and my wife together; was thrown into total turmoil.
The details are not for public view or discussion.
All I know for an absolute fact is what has been laid at my feet is untrue. However, it is still hurtful and staggering that someone would turn to such deplorable methods to damage my family which had finally gotten to a point of unity as our mixed family had begun to accept each other’s quirks and emotional demeanor.
Once again I been turn in prayer to my God.
Lord, help me and my family through this time of distress. Help all become comforted by Your love and glory. Let the truth come to light and allow the facts to show those that have spoken lies against one of Your servants have in turn cause You to look upon them in displeasure. That this attack will be answered by You in Your way and in Your time. Help them to see the light of Your glory and Your love as I have tried to show and share that with my family and those that read these articles.
I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ my Savior. Amen

The wisdom dilemma

One of the most interesting statements in the Bible, and I paraphrase, is the most foolish thought of God surpasses the greatest wisdom from humanity.
This is particularly true for those that live on the belief that humanity can accomplish anything on its own. That their knowledge can and will solve any problems, and since knowledge and wisdom are related man’s destiny to them is all they require not realizing something is missing.
Here is a for instance about how mans’ knowledge and wisdom works. Indoor plumbing. Something that is a part of all homes for the most part in western society. Yet this is a recent accommodation. It wasn’t something that was considered a necessity until the early part of the 1900s.
However for nearly fifteen hundred years it was something forgotten and thought to have never existed. In reality indoor plumbing was a staple of the Roman Empire. Yet due to the fall of the empire it was forgotten. This shows just how fragile human knowledge and wisdom is.
Now here most likely someone will say what does a toilet have to do with wisdom. All I can say to that is thank you for proving my point, and most likely my response will go right over their heads.
When Paul first wrote to Corinth in the first letter we have within the Bible he mentioned that his speech was not as eloquent and tried to show the wisdom of God. He went there with one purpose to show them the true image of Jesus Christ and the fact that He went to the cross and died in their place.
This was all that was important to Paul as it should be to any seeking true salvation.
Yet most in the world today seek for various types of so called wisdom. All coming from different aspect of humanity. Most of this so-called wisdom rejects that there is a God and the center their focus upon that which has been created by God.
Romans 1:18 – But God shows his anger from heaven against all sinful, wicked people who suppress the truth by their wickedness. 19 They know the truth about God because he has made it obvious to them. 20 For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God. 21 Yes, they knew God, but they wouldn’t worship him as God or even give him thanks. And they began to think up foolish ideas of what God was like. As a result, their minds became dark and confused. 22 Claiming to be wise, they instead became utter fools. 23 And instead of worshiping the glorious, ever-living God, they worshiped idols made to look like mere people and birds and animals and reptiles.
This shows that when it comes to true wisdom they do not desire that, but would rather accept foolishness as wisdom. Every aspect of creation shows just how wise God truly is, yet humans say there is no such being that can cause and create all that is within the universe. However this is the very point. They see the truth, the wisdom, the glory and reject it. This is the dilemma with human based wisdom.