To the ladies on dating sites (especially Christian Mingle)

Re-post and update

I was just watching the news and they had a segment about how more and more women are finding themselves staying single. The problem stated in the segment? Women are looking for what equates to a fantasy man that does not exist.
I admittedly am on a couple… well a few sites myself, and I would have to agree with this news segments findings. I am in my fifties and am once again looking. So when I look I see someone that interested me. I check them out and look for compatibility. Then I stop dead in my tracks. Most are looking for athletic, muscular, tone men. In their fifties?
I did my research, since I admit I am overweight. Over fifty percent of all males over fifty are overweight. Then you add in smokers, men that are not desirable attitude wise and if you are lucky maybe just maybe two percent of males fit what women are looking for that could maybe fit the fantasy women have made for themselves and so they end up single.
In the segment, the women stated that they are looking for a kind man. From my own observations most kind men fall into the fifty plus percentage that are overweight, and are over fifty percent of that original fifty percent plus. So ladies it is time for a wake-up call.
Do you want the fantasy or do you want happiness? It is time to rethink what you really want in your life. It is time to decide if you want to remain single or if you want to share your life with someone that wishes to share your life with you.
Now to those that partake of Christian Mingle, where again I see women looking for the fantasy male. These ladies disappoint me the most. As I have discussed in other posts of mine is that this life we now live is temporary, basically we are trying life on for size and seeing if we do well with it, then we will move on into an eternal body when Christ returns to earth. This eternal body I will theorize will be at our physical best. In others words the very fantasy man you ladies are looking for. So think on this. If you go looking for that kind, caring, man that will treat you as an equal. Not someone that looks down on you, or abuses you. A man that seeks to have a partner throughout all eternity is someone you should be seeking out, but as I stated above most the men that fit this description are overweight. To me this is a test for you ladies to go through. Can you look past the physical and look to the spiritual? That is what those that go to Christian Mingle should be searching for. I know I do.
So sue me, I am being a bit selfish here, because I would like the chance to share my life with someone special as well. A life that to me will not last for thirty or even forty more years, but billions. It will only work out that way if a few ladies do wake up and start to look for inner quality over outer quality.
Good luck ladies and I wish you the best in your efforts.


I noticed someone looked at this post. I  re-read it. As of this March 2021 I will be celebrating my 6th anniversary with a woman I desire to spend all eternity with.

My recommendation was correct.  Seek a Godly man eventhough they are harder to find than the fantasy man…

Again good luck and know that Jesus is soon to return

Without Christ

In the Bible verse to follow it shows what is in a human’s heart. What is found within it is not the things of beauty, but the things of ugliness. Jesus makes it clear humans at this time are no better than any other animal that walks or swims upon this planet. Why is this? Because Eve and then Adam ate of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. Again why? For Lucifer does not wish to be governed by humans. At this time he governs most of the human race. So for that reason alone in most cases only the worst can be seen within most of the human race.
Now God has made it clear that at one time there are those that have had a conscience and did what was right without realizing it. This affirms the beliefs of those that deny God that they too can be good, but that is not how it works at this time. Most within the world have heard of the Bible and thus they have heard of God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. This negates their desire to live without God, for once you know there is a God even though you may deny He exists you are held accountable to the teaching of the Bible.
So you must follow its teachings out of obedience to Jesus Christ who died upon a cross and then came back to life allowing you to stand proudly before God if you accepted His Son into your life. This is required now in this time. It is shown vividly what happens when you reject God. The most innocent of the human races is torn from a woman’s womb and torn to pieces the one wishing to pay the most gets these destroyed children, the true martyrs of this world for they never had the chance to be blemished by the world.
When those that see this horror and call those that say it is horrible and wrong the ones that have lost their “moral compass” then it is clear that their “moral compass” points not upward to God but downward. This is what happens when there is no Christ in their lives, when there is no God in their lives. That which is precious to God is seen as nothing more than an animal for the slaughter.
When a human being is reduced to being treated as an animal then you may as well raise the swastika over the stars and stripes for that is what humanity has become The Fourth Reich, the children of their father. Lucifer the father of all lies. Deny it all they wish, but that is what happens when you take God out of your lives.

Mark 7: 21- For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, 22 Thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness: 23 All these evil things come from within, and defile the man.