Through great trails come great saints

All about us the signs of sinning against God become the norm instead of the unusual. It is in these times of unbelief, doubt and outright disobedience that saints have risen to the top. Look at Job and Daniel for example.
In this year a horrific sin was exposed to the light and few saw it for what it truly was. The human sacrifice of babies has returned to this world sanctioned and supported by the governing powers of this nation. From it all other sins have flourished and grown. In return Judaism and Christianity have increasingly come under attack. The symbols of our faiths being torn down in the name of freedom and as a result more and more sin takes dominion and true freedom fades into non-existence.
As this happens fewer and fewer truly follow the teachings of God’s Holy Word.
Could it be by this lack of believe and faith that the Holy Ghost gives a greater portion to those that remain loyal to God?
Does this explain how parts of Acts 2:17 have become fact? Is it plausible that the rest of this verse is not far from coming to pass?
I believe so.
So as we move ever faster into the end times of humanity as a disobedient creation of the One and Only Creator I can’t help but look about and listen for news of actions by the few willing to stand against the masses and face whatever will occur even unto death itself.
Who is willing to stand up and shout: “ENOUGH!!!!!”
Only to have fewer and fewer listen till it is too late and the rise of the Antichrist takes place.
I see elements already falling into place that say: “Soon.. it will be soon.”

The failure of the buildings called “Churches”

One after another that which is called “good” in the eyes of the Lord our God falls prey to popular demand. Why is this happening? It is because those places called “Churches” do not teach God.
Those that are called leadership within them do not make it known that certain things are called sins. They do this because in reality they are no longer “Churches” but businesses and if you insult or make uncomfortable those that come into your business they do not return and so their business losses money.
True Churches are not a business, but a place to worship and give praise honor and glory unto to God. It is also a place where you are taught the true Bible and true message of God. At times it will be painful, harsh and may even make some angry. Why? Because they are reacting to their guilt. A guilt that is there because what was mentioned is in their life. It is their sin and they have just been told it is wrong and they need to turn from it. This is the job of the church a.k.a. the church leadership.
However, this is not how churches these days do things, because if they make people leave how will they get their money to survive? My answer: they should not for they have turned their backs upon God and as a result we have sin running rampant upon the streets, within the government and they are starting to shove their ways into the churches. All with one purpose, to destroy God.
To them God is not real. To them Jesus did not raise form the dead. To them living in sin is preferred to living morally. Well, let me tell you a little secret. That is how it has always been. Sin has always been easier because our true enemy wishes all humanity to fail for it will allow him to be the winner and the one that is better than God.
The one who wishes you to live in sin is not your ally, or friend. God makes this clear within the Bible. True love hurts and can be punishing, but if you are not punished or made to feel guilt then you are not loved. As it says in Proverbs. The parent that spares the rod hates their child. That is how it is from God as well. Because he loves you he punishes you if you do wrong, for from it you learn respect and to be moral and to be good.
So if your “church” does not give you a sting of pain time to time then is it really a church?

When God rewards you prepare for a storm.

As we grow in our faith time to time God will feel we are due a reward within this temporal life. As I am learning though with these rewards comes a new test. A test to see if we are still faithful unto Him. A test to see if we are ready for the new step in our growth with God.
He had just finished pruning your branch and you have borne Him fruit that glorifies Him and so the pruning stops for a short time. It is in this time that you receive your reward. Then new fruit begins to germinate and grow. It is here that He may decide to pluck these fruits for better ones and it will most likely hurt. Either emotionally, physically or both, yet we must go through this to be a better servant unto Him and to those that are in need of our example and witness that Christ is the Savior of all.

Confessions of a screwed up Middle-aged man: I was in a discussion

So the other day I was in a discussion and someone made this statement:
“I’m pretty sure Jesus would be happy to bake a cake for a gay wedding”
My reply:

“… I am sure he would as well. Then talk to them and before it was over the wedding would be cancelled and a year later both would be married to someone of the opposite sex.”

In the Bible it is made clear that Jesus dined with sinners. It is also clear as in the example of the adulteress that Jesus stated he that is without sin cast the first stone and then walked over to the woman and stated that she is to sin no more.
So I fully support my reply. I can see Jesus actually presenting a cake at a gay wedding but I can also see Him talking to all present and upon that day everyone in the room would turn from their sins and become Christian. I know with all my heart that Christ would give an interesting parable and look to the couple that were about to wed and they would see Jesus in all his glory and they would turn from their sin and would in fact call off the wedding.
For Christ said to honor all the commandments, which is not just the ten most heard, but it is every law in the book of Exodus and Leviticus presented after Moses descended from Mt. Sinai.
In this commandments it clearly states that man shall not lie with man and so is called a sin. Since the two grooms will have their eyes opened to this they will turn from their sin and live a life that will be seen as righteous in the eyes of the Christ the one that had given them their cake and told them that they cannot eat it too.

The “Judgment” card

Time and again I hear people stating that someone is judging them when they counter what they are saying with facts from the Bible. It basically equates to using the “race” card when you throw a countering opinion against the president of the United States.
If you deal purely in facts from the Bible you are not judging. You are just stating what the Bible says. This is what makes people counter with stating you are judging them when in actuality they sense the truth in your words and so accuse you of judging them when in fact they are judging themselves. They are uncomfortable and feel cornered because deep down they sense the truth in your words.
As long as you stick with the Bible and God and state what is written within it then you are honoring God first as we are told we MUST do. (Matthew 6:33).
More and more people are placing themselves before God and they place others before God. We are told to look to God first and then we are to look to others. If God states something is a sin. Then when you place God first it IS a sin. If you say to someone “go ahead live in sin, but love God” you are telling them to serve two masters, which we are told in verse 24 of the same chapter of Matthew we are not to do. Now here someone will counter “no that verse refers to money.” I counter: is where does money come from? The world. Where does sin come from? Our WORLDLY bodies. (Matthew 15:19-20).
When you embrace sin you embrace the world (2 Corinthians 6:17). So does this mean someone is “judging” because they state these facts? No it does what it is supposed to do. Convict their conscience and make them turn from sin and live in the glory of God, but instead since they threw out the “judgment” card so they are safe to continue to live in their sinful manner, being actors that call themselves “Christian” when in fact they are hypocrites.