Month: October 2014

What Jesus called blessed

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said there are those that are considered blessed.
The first people he called blessed those that are mentally handicapped.
The second people are those that grieve. This one is important to note by the way. Since most that call themselves Christian grieve for many reasons.
Third are those that are humble, meaning to place all before yourself.
Forth, those who seek after salvation from God.
Fifth, those that are compassionate.
Sixth, those that have pureness in their hearts. Meaning to be kind and do not think ill of others.
The seventh people that are blessed are those that seek to stop conflict no matter the form and not matter the degree for which must be reached to stop it.
Eighth are those persecuted for doing what is right.
The ninth are those hated for their believe in God.
Lastly those that are falsely accused because of their believe in God.
Jesus in Luke also stated that he was saddened for those that are rich for they have received their reward already and those that are satisfied for in the eternal they shall weep because it will be deny them.
These words come directly from Jesus. It shows that those that will be given the greater reward in the immortal live to come will be those that place God before themselves. That places all others before themselves, and that those that have special handicaps in this live will have a blessed live in the eternal live to come.
That when you stand for God you will most likely be hated and that you will face events in your life the will cause you to grieve. More and more each day we hear those that deny God seek to remove God from the world. Where they use their power to try to silence those that teach and preach about God. Being truly Christian is not something that is all happiness and joy. In fact, Jesus clearly states those that are joyful, happy and rich he feels sorrow for.
So how do you practice you faith?

The rain comes down

The rain comes down and cleans the ground and the air, washing the impurities away. Carrying them into the ground where what is impure causes plants to grow and food to germinate.
Then once again, the cycle repeats itself, the perfect system.
Yet those that doubt God do not see His hand in it. A system designed to promote life, a system that feeds off each other.
We breathe in oxygen and nitrogen and exhale carbon dioxide, which feeds the trees and causes it to grow and release oxygen into the air. Tet there are those that do not see within it the hand of God.
God who created everything you see and you yourself. Yet there are those that do not see God.

Who are these people??

What is to follow is a list of names. Names ALL should know if they are a citizen of the United States of America. For by knowing you understand their importance, why they are important, and why the United States is important.

Robert Oppenheimer
Christopher Jones
Captain Meriwether Lewis
Albert Einstein
Martin Luther
Amelia Earhart
Isoroku Yamamoto
Dwight D. Eisenhower
King James I
Harry S. Truman
Thomas Jefferson
Captain William Clark
Sam Houston
Christopher Columbus
William Seward
George A. Custer
Annie Oakley
Theodore Roosevelt
Abraham Lincoln
William Penn
William Bradford
Sitting Bull
Paul Revere
Ulysses S. Grant
Helen Keller

1) known as the father of the atom bomb; 2) Captain and Governor of the 1620 voyage of the Pilgrim ship Mayflower; 3) command of the expedition to explore lands of the Louisiana Purchase; 4) scientist who made the theory of relativity; 5) founded of the Lutheran Church and author of The Ninety-Five Theses; 6) first female aviator to fly solo nonstop across the Atlantic; 7) command of the fleet which attacked Pearl Harbor; 8) Command of the D-Day invasion and 34th president of the United States; 9) The King who formed the commission to write a Bible that all could read; 10) 33rd president of the United States of America and ordered the use of the A-bomb two times upon Japan to bring about the end of World War II; 11) 3rd president of the United States he oversaw acquisition of the Louisiana Purchase from France; 12) 2nd in command of the expedition to explore the lands of the Louisiana Purchase; 13) General of the Texas Army as well as the 1st and 3rd president of Texas; 14) first noted discoverer of the Americas; 15) arranged the purchase of Alaska from the Russians; 16) noted Civil War hero and died in a massacre at the Little Big Horn; 17) sharpshooter who was featured in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show; 18) 26th president of the United States; 19) 16th president of the United States and signer of the Emancipation Proclamation which abolished slavery; 20) Quaker and author of governing laws for the colony of Pennsylvania, which were later used in the making of the constitution of the United States of America; 21) a signatory to the Mayflower Compact and served as Plymouth Colony Governor five times; 22) leader of the Great Sioux War of 1876; 23) most famous for alerting the Colonial militia to the approach of British forces before the battles of Lexington and Concord which started the Revolutionary War; 24) 18th president of the United States and led the Union Armies to victory over the Confederacy in the American Civil War; 25) Blind and deaf educator and author who overcame disabilities to help others who were blind and deaf as well.

Christianity and the vote

To be Christian is to be a walking example of Jesus and His father God. Do we do this perfectly? No, but we must try to do what is right to God, and what is right is found within the Bible. One way we can do this is with the ballot box, which we can do three weeks from today.
There are things that are known sins in the Bible. We can support God’s views by opposing those sins by voting for what is good in the Bible. Human sacrifice is one of the ultimate sins. It is now called abortion. If a politician supports it you should oppose them. How do you do this? You do not vote for them, no matter what else they may promise or says.
Homosexuality is again one of the worst sins. It is so bad it helped causes the total destruction of two cities. Yet people who call themselves Christian now support this sin. One party fully supports this sin. That is the Democratic Party. If you are truly Christian, you will never vote for any democrat for as long as this party supports this sin. Again, no matter what they promise.
When you vote you must ask yourself: “Does this person honor God?”
If the answer is no, do not vote for them. No Democrat at this time honors God for as long as their party supports abortion or homosexuality. Therefore, no Christian should vote democrat EVER. The words Democrat and Christian do not ever work for the same goal, so they can never in all honesty be said as the same. For when you support sin, you deny God.

The Pouring

It was a hot summer night in Memphis TN. It was June and the non-denominational church called the Rock was having a Revival. I was there alone, for my first wife did not wish to attend. So, I left her and my two sons at home.
I forget the message that night, but during it the most amazing event happened to me that it is something that I will never forget. During a part of the service as I stood praying and singing, I suddenly felt a tingling come upon me. It started at the very tip of me head and proceeded to grow throughout my body. As if a liquid of pure joy was being poured into me. I felt it cover me slowly from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. It is a feeling I have never encounter ever again, for I know it was not necessary to feel it.
The rest of the service was a blur from that moment on as the tingle continued throughout the rest of the service. I knew I had gone up to the dais and kneeled down and prayed. I knew the revival finally ended, and the tingle remained. I returned to my car and began to drive home and still the tingle continued as I shouted and praised God as I drove home hitting my head two or three times as I lifted from the driver set “leaping” for joy at receiving the bless and love of God in the form of His Holy Spirit.

The basics you need to know about Christianity

The most important is that there really is a God. That Jesus is alive and rose from the dead.
The next thing you need to realize is that saying you are Christian and being Christian are two completely different things.
To truly be Christian you must admit there is a God and that Jesus is His son. In addition, that Jesus did not sin and was placed upon the cross in your place for your sins. Your own sins that can be found and listed within the Bible, sins you will try not commit any longer for you will know they are wrong. When Jesus rose from the dead, He had just returned from hell where he took the keys of that place from Satan because humankind could once again stand clean before God through the bloodshed upon that cross.
When you truly come to understand the teaching of Christ, you will come to understand that being a Christian is something that is not easy to do.
You will strive not to use curse words, yet you will and it will leave you feeling shame afterwards. You will come to place all others before yourself, but many times, you will be selfish and self-serving. Then you will realize you have sinned once again.
Being truly Christian, you will become aware of this feeling of guilt more than any other emotion, because being Christian is not easy.
There are those that teach that within you is your salvation, but this is a lie. For all that is within you is you. You can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit for that is the part of the Holy Trinity that comes in physical contact with all that accept Christ as their savior. Inside you through your soul you will come to know that the thought that comes to you to help you did not come from inside you but from outside and above.
Is it an angel? Is it Jesus? Is it even God talking to you? We do not know at this time, but someday we will. It is important though to realize is that it is not inside us but above us and can work through us for we are the body of Christ upon this world.
In time, we will learn that material possession and money are of the world and so have no true meaning to those that call themselves Christian. They will be just something that is necessary to get by in this world, but you will not go out seeking more and more. For if you do you are seeking your reward here upon this earth, which is not promised to us. For our reward will come in the next life. It states in the Bible that if you are rich your reward well be less in the Next life, but if you are poor, greater will be your reward in the time to come.
This last sentence brings me to the most important part of being a Christian. Within the Bible, it teaches that all humanity is promised an immortal body, but it is to those that truly sought after being a child of God will the promised reward be given unto us. Jesus taught that greater would be our reward within this immortal and perfect body. God created an entire universe. It is there just too look at from this planet called Earth? I do not believe so. I believe the entire universe will be opened onto to those that accept that there is a God and accept that Jesus Christ is the Messiah.
This life is meant to be hard and harsh for those that say God is real. For if we endure and keep to that believe then we will be given this ultimate reward, which is to explore all that was created by God.

Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: commonalities

I know that if you really pay attention you can learn something new every day of you life. I have been upon this planet for over 54 years. Recently I learned the most amazing thing. There really is someone that can enjoy doing most of the things you like to do yourself. For decades, I had thought that you would meet someone and you would have differences, but you would come to share in things they liked and they would do the same for you. I have found that not to work out well, too many a sorrow.
Very recently though I have encountered someone that truly enjoys what I do. Shares interest in doing things I wish to do. I find we both think and have the same ideas of how things are and should be. I must say I truly learned something when I met this lady.
Now do not get me wrong. There are some differences, but these differences actually help the commonalities to function together. Like two cogs in the wheel of the machine of life. They complement each other and make the other work, but they seek to reach the same goal. It just amazes me that I have never encountered this type of relationship before. I really never knew it was even possible until now.
One day she sent me a picture and said “Don’t you want to experience that?” and my answer was yes, because it truly was something I would truly enjoy doing.
What is more amazing is because we had both turned over all to the Lord our God. We both had been through some tough times; mainly due to previous relationships. Now we found each other and we know it was and still is God leading us and guiding us on our journey. A journey that we both wish to share and explore together.
All praise and glory unto God, for He is truly worthy of the praise.

Why are you voting for them again?

I just watched an interesting campaign ad for Louisiana. In it an elderly black man talks about how the neighborhood he grew up in has not changed. It was poor run down and looked terrible.
He explained that eighteen years ago Ms. Landrieu promised to help the Black community. Yet the place had not changed. This exact same commercial can be run throughout this nation for every black community and every democrat running for office that represents these poor neighborhoods. These Democrats promise the world and deliver nothing. They talk the big talk then use the Republican Party as a scapegoat while they sit in luxury not caring for those that placed them in office.
I am not saying all Republicans are good either. Those of both parties that have been in Washington over twelve years need to be removed from office.
Many do not realize that the reason Congress has not done much is due solely to Harry Reid, a Democrat. Due to an idiotic rule that places the senior most member of the majority party in control of the Senate. A rule that needs to be changes so Congress can act and help those that truly need it.
Nevertheless, it will never happen unless everyone wakes up and kicks all those out of office that have been there too long. They must also replace them with people that truly seek to do good and truly seek to help the people that voted them into the that positions they will hold.
But I must add that most if not all Democrats need to be removed from office more than any other party at this time due to the way the nation is now and it is all due to that party and their believes

A must watch: The World at War (1973) documentary

Due to the behavior and actions of many, I can tell people have not seen this TV series. This is the most well done documentary of the entire Second World War. It covers everything. From how the culture was in all the countries to the state of the military at the beginning of the war all the way to its conclusion in 1945.
This is a must watch for all to see, but especially middle school and higher age children. Due to graphic details, I would not recommend of anyone younger then fourteen, and it is definitely something they must see. It shows up regularly on the American Heroes Channel, but you can order in a DVD.

We long for HOPE!

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Hope Remains

In our world people long for a hope. Whether it is in our lives on earth or it is in the after life. No one can live our lives thinking there is just a straight end without having some form of hope that there is more than just death. So many of us live each day hoping that some thing great will happen in our lives. As we grow up we look forward to being a teenager, then becoming a driver, becoming 21 and college, then marriage, and then a family. During this time we hope that we pick the right paths to have a job that either pays a lot of money or gives us pride as we leave this world. Then many who do not know Christ feel a longing to not be alone. We can see a lot of lonely people who wander this world hoping that…

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