Escapism = slavery

More and more our children are being taught to live as they feel free to do as they please. They are told to seek out what makes them happy, what is pleasing no matter the cost. They are told to live their life’s in the moment, in the temporary pleasures they receive for living life to please themselves. They seek out any type of pleasure from video games, to drugs to sex, no matter the type of the latter and embrace it and enjoy it. For all there is in this life is your own personal satisfaction. What is worse this is not only coming from outside sources but from within their own homes as well. They are not being taught right from wrong but what feels good and what does not. It makes them feel good to kill innocent animals then they start to hurt kids younger than them then they seek out guns and go into a school and kill their fellows because it feels good. Then reality sets in and the kill themselves.
They take drugs to escape from reality only to have it smack them hard in the face so they take more drugs until they are finally fully a slave to the drug and cannot escape it.
They indulge in their lusts seek after any that will please them be it of the same sex or not as they experiment as they come into puberty, and the first one that give them the thrill the seek they stick too. Filled with their lust and locked into the slavery that follows.
Those in power encourage the young to become pregnant for the lust of money as they herd them into a clinic like cattle to tear out the unborn child within them. A sacrifice to their masters: greed and control. Then they cut up the once soul filled body for its parts like what was done in olden times to be cleansed in the site of their idols, but now it is not a statue that is the idol, but a name a group that they worship making them slaves unto it.
All of this is true human nature and those in power that encourage this know this full well. They use it to entrap, ensnare, and enslave the masses so they will be free to enjoy their lust for wealth and power and control of those they look down upon. They see them as nothing but animals to be herded and so openly and brazenly lie to them not caring any longer if any knows they are lying for they fear no consequences for their actions for they are the ones in control. A slave to their lust of power.
This is what happens when you deny there is a God. This is what happens when you turn your back upon His laws given unto us by Moses, but they do not see it. They are blinded to their temporal lusts thinking this is all there is within the world. Not realizing it is a lie. Not realizing there is more than just the here and now, and as they embrace their shackles they chain others to the chains that keeps growing ever longer every day. All I can do is pray and weep and hope that someone, someone hears these words and realizes and awakens before it is too late.
2 Peter 2:19 While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage.
John 8: 34 Jesus answered them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin.
Here is the thing that those that wish to enslave you don’t want you to know. Through the teaching of Jesus Christ as well as the rest of the Bible, we learn what is right and what is wrong and in so doing can avoid enslavement to our sins and thus become truly free. You will think with your own mind and understand what is going on about you and you will see what is good and what is not. Will you be able to avoid all sin? No you will not but you will have the freedom to be able to turn from it and ask forgiveness when you falter and fail.
Does this mean you can still take drugs, live in lust of sexual desires be they with someone of the same or opposite sex? No you cannot. We are told to live in moderation which means we take a little of this and a little of that but it also states that some things are seen as acts that are sickening to God. Very few things are seen as an abomination to God. One is human sacrifice the other is homosexuality.
Ruth was a priestess to an idol and commit human sacrifices of babies but she repented her ways and become Jewish and was accepted by her mother-in-law after her husband was killed, a Jew she had fallen in love with. She kept her promise not to return to her sin and God rewarded her with a new husband who was the judge of the Jews at the time. She lived within the laws of God and was seen as good and rewarded.
You must turn away from you lusts and desires. It will be painful for you are being told to turn from something and or someone you have come to “love.” This “love” though is enslavement to this sin you have embraced. You must reject this lifestyle if you ever wish to be free. For at the end of your enslavement is that which I personally wish no one to have to encounter and be forced to live with for all eternity.
You must also understand this. God knew us before we were conceived. For him to know us before we were even thought of by our parents’ means we were pure and good and holy unto God. So we are not born with sin in us as those that wish to enslave us have falsely taught. We do not develop sin while we are within the womb. It is once we are out of the womb is when we are exposed to the corruption of this temporal reality. We are not held accountable for our actions till we are twelve and it is then that we start to make our choices as to whether we will sin or not. Before twelve it was our parents’ responsibility to teach us of God, the Bible and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. This is so that we would be able to discern what is right and what is wrong. This is a sin our parents will have to bare if they failed in this duty.
But once you become accountable that is when you thoughts, your desire and your actions mark you. Only you are responsible for your actions past twelve. Can your parents still advice you? Yes, but ultimately it is your decisions that cast your lot. Either into slavery under sin or unto freedom under God through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

So they accepted Christ as their Savior

Time and again I hear people say “Well, we need to lead them to Jesus.”
They say this when people like myself try to make people realize that they are living in sin. Many times they also throw out the judgment card as well. Accusing people like myself that we are judging them. (By the way: I am not judging them. I present facts from the Bible which makes them uncomfortable and convicted… they are judging themselves, or to be most accurate it is the Word of God judging them, not me).
So they have accepted God. God is now their Savior, now what?

I left the big space here for a reason.
Once someone accepts Jesus what should happen is that this person is given a mentor, a sponsor. This person should be a teacher of the word and someone that has been of the Body for some time. They should be there to answer questions. They should be there to suggest parts of the Bible in particular to read when it comes to understanding the Bible and thus God Himself as best we can do to teach them.
Now why do I say this? In my previous church this was not being done. They for example said the phrase I have in quotation marks above, but when it came time to lead, to teach they fell flat on their faces. I made an honest effort to teach, but was undermined by the pastor of church, which negated my efforts to instill the truth of God’s word into a few that needed help in their growth toward God. Now there was no ego in this desire to teach, but an honest need to shine the light of the Bible upon these babes in their faith lives.
There was major hurtles that needed to be covered quickly, but I was shutdown. One reason was because I was mixing politics with the Bible, which to me is mandatory. The constitution states that the government cannot interfere with religion, it never says religion cannot interfere with politics. If you wish to reflect God and His teaches you must interject God’s desires into politics. God is pro-life for God knew us before we were conceived. God is against sin. So if the government is for sin they are against God.
A key factor that needed to addressed. Jesus states that any that deny Him, then He shall deny them to His father. There is an official political group out there that denies God. Yet thousands that call themselves “Christian” say they are of this group or support its actions. Its actions support sin which is opposite God’s teaches. This group is the Democratic Party. So any that say they are “Christian” should leave and stop supporting this party. Yet they do not. One main reason is because they have not been correctly taught the Bible.
Now I must add these actions are not limited to the Democratic Party.
I was listening to the Republican debate the other night. One of the people ask if God talked to them. One person’s response was two statements that need to be made mention of. When stating “His faith” he went around the topic by throwing out statements like “my family is important to me” and “I love them.” Simply he evaded they answer never truly acknowledging his believe in God. He also stated that he went to a homosexual friend’s wedding. This action states that he condone this friends lifestyle and came to the steadfast scapegoat of “love the sinner, hate the sin.” Yet attending the wedding said love the sinner love the sin. If he truly loved the man as a fellow human being he would talk to him and let him know that he is living in sin. That by doing so odds are against him making into to heaven. These are the things that need to be taught to all. This goes not only for the Republican, but for his friend.
Notice I did not say they were definitely going to hell, no what I said was they reduce their chances. If the one that got married divorces his husband and no longer lives in this sin then he may make it into heaven, but as long as he lives in the sin and places the sin above God then he is receiving his reward now here in this temporal life.
These are things that need to be taught to those that ask Christ into their hearts. I know a lady who wears a cross about her neck yet she is a lesbian. This is living in a lukewarm life, and Jesus Himself said that those that live in the lukewarm he will spit from Him.
We must teach this and much much more to those that ask Jesus into their life. It is God first, meaning that if it states you need to turn from sin … then you turn from sin. If we are to honor life because God knows us before we are born then Abortion should end.
If we place people over us and count on people to provide for us then we deny God this.
It is due to this lack of knowledge of the Bible that leads many down the wrong path and they are living a lukewarm existence all because those that are called to teach do not teach.
Who will God hold accountable for those that live a lukewarm life? Those that live it yes, but also those that never taught them what is cold and what is hot, what is wrong and what is right, what is black and what is white. For it truly is just that… black and white, darkness and light. For in Christ it is within the light, and if what you are doing is seen as repulsive in the light then it is something you should not be doing.
So when someone comes to Christ it is important that they be taken under the wing of someone that knows of God, the Bible and its teachings. That way they can be taught the Bible correctly and do what is right and give honor to God.

Misuse of the word “Love”

There is a big misconception going about that needs to be addressed. In one of my previous post “The hippie Jesus is alive and well but the true Christ is hard to find.” I tried to point out that love is not all happiness and joy and all is right with the world.
First we must remember that in proverbs it states that if a parent truly loves their child they would not spare the rod. I.e. spank them. Yet in today’s society that is something that is evil and taboo. It is amazing how what is right and good is suddenly the opposite. Big sign of troubles coming to this world yet most will just laugh it off and stop reading here just because I worded my sentence that way.
True love from a parent is not easy. They suffer as much as the child when they are forced to punish them, do you think God is any less upset?
When you allow a sin to grow. All those that allow it to grow actually say they hate the world and those they allow to sin. Now I am not saying go out and force people not to sin. That will never happen and then I would be the fanatic some of you already think I am.
A new awakening is now taking place. The world is now drawing the lines between those that will choose God and those that will choose sin. This line is not a straight line as many would assume but it cuts throughout groups that though themselves to be churches and those that have always thought they were not. It cuts across races, creeds and sexes.
What you need to understand is that those that are truly “Loved” by God avoid sin, for they have felt the guilt and discomfort sin brings into their lives. Those that deny God’s love embrace sin and embrace those that embrace sin. Once again the world is returning to black and white, sinner and saint, bad and good. Which side of the line do you stand upon?
If you stand with God and place Him first you have only one choice. Reject the sin and accept God.
Matthew 12: 30 He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.

Fighting the war against the “Wrong self”

The war against oneself is the hardest battle to ever be fought. It is ongoing; it is continual. There is rarely a break, but there are times when you are at peace with yourself.
As you age you come to learn more and more of what is right and what is wrong. If you are taught correctly when you are young you learn to avoid certain pitfalls, but still you fall short in many things and the “wrong self” wins instead of the “right self.”
The wrong self gets the expensive car, the wrong self seeks more and more materialistic items like houses more money things that truly have no meaning beyond this life, yet the “wrong self” still wins.
It is through understanding the Bible that we soon learn that there is more to this life than this life. There is God the creator of all you see about you and you. There is His Son who took your place upon the cross so you could live FOREVER.
Now why did I capitalize that word “FOREVER?”
Because this temporal life we now live in is truly a blink of an eye to what our REAL life is going to be. This life is just a trial to see if we can handle what is to come.
If all we do is listen to choices that are made by the “wrong self” our earthly and temporal bodies then that is all the reward we will ever get. Then when it is time to get your true and glorious reward of an eternal body, which ALL will be given. Those that chose the temporal rewards will receive no rewards and will not only be heartbroken but their eternal bodies will be stuck in one place for all of eternity.
On the other hand you will have those that followed the teaching of Christ and chose not to live in the temporal but sought after the eternal that will receive their rewards for that time. A time that as the word “eternal” implies will last for billions upon billions of years and will not only be here upon earth but throughout all of God’s creation, the universe.

Children raising children (a dream on parenting)

From time to time I have dreams. They differ from regular dream because they are vivid and boarder upon something that could almost be considered real. Well I just had one of these and this is what it was about.
I was walking upon a sidewalk when two boys throw stuff at me. I stopped and warned them they should not do this because it was not the right thing to do. Two more times something flew by my head. So I decided to talk to their parents. They were well off financially, but in attitude they were poor. You could see that they did love their children, but they had no concept of how to instill values upon them. Also present was a grandmother, who also had no idea.
The father, even though an adult acted like a teenage, having no real concepts of right or wrong himself and was more interested in pleasing himself and being waited upon by all about him. Clearly selfish and self-serving and refused to listen to the advice I attempted to give him.
The mother was a pillar, but her base was crumbling from the strain of trying to parent three male children, while her mother offered no help what so ever, apparently leaching off of her daughter. Yet the mother of the boys was herself lacking of the needed knowledge of the necessary values to raise a child correctly.
Where were these values instilled into the people of the United States? In Church. In School. Can you learn these values there now? No you cannot, why?
First off, many do not go to church anymore. They would rather shop at the store or go and exercise at the gym. As for schools, the one element that allowed them to learn of values has been removed from schools. That would be God and those values that were placed upon the cork-boards on the walls throughout this nation. Like for instance the golden rule: “Do unto other as you would have done unto you.”
The thing is will this help people to mature? That is hard to answer. All I know is that by the end of the conversation in my dream I was warning the mother to prepare for a divorce and to understand that it would be rough since I saw that the father would do all in his power to keep all that he considered important to him near him, which would result in things become worse for their two boys since they were not what was important to him. How can something that love only itself care for anything thing else? It can’t.
As a result I could see these children in jail or worse. I could see a shattered home with a mother struggling to keep her head above the drowning waters of responsibility. Waters she should have been sharing with the father, but he refused to do so. All the while the grandmother just looked on not offering any advice or support. Leaving the mother to truly attempt to grow into adulthood in a way no one should have to do so.
Seek out a good church. One that offers God, not a social club. One that teaches the Bible, not which flavor of coffee is hot (forgive the pun) this month. Seek out one that offers support and helps teach core commandants of Matthew 22:37-39, which states to love God first and to love your neighbor as you love yourself.

History repeating itself seems to be a trend

What I am going to relate to you will for the most part fall on deaf ears, but it is a tale written time and again throughout history. It is the dreams and desires of the few, the few that think for one reason or the other that what they say and think is the correct way to do things. For a short time, they succeed, but for one reason or another, it always fails, until the next few come along and start it all over again. Not realizing that they are just living a loop of corruption, misery and pain. They delude themselves into thinking they are better, smarter, have a better understanding of the world then the “average” person does; unaware that they are in reality just another “average” person themselves.
There have been recent examples in the news lately, yet the people do not listen or even notice them. That is the true sorrow, for if people did take the time to notice then the horrors of the Holocaust would never have happened. This was one reason the founding fathers of the United States tried to change how government was run and handled. Mainly to prevent the few from gaining enough power to manipulate the government to allow them to do just what they are now doing.
What are they doing? They are heading us down the road to people like Caesar, like Napoleon, like Hitler and Stalin. They are heading this nation down the same road that resulted in wars, starvation, corruption and murder. All in the name of what is right, yet all along only resulting in death, mayhem and destruction. The Roman Empire fell apart. Napoleon was cast out after war and turmoil. Hitler murdered millions for the glory of the “master race.” While Stalin and all other communist horded the money letting the common people to starve and die.
These are the actions of those that though they knew best, and knew more. These are the acts of those that called themselves patriots. Yet all along they were thinking solely of themselves and their own reward. They thought and think the common citizen too ignorant to know “what is good for them.” Not realizing that what is good for them lies in a different place, and a different way.
Can we save this nation? Maybe. What will it cost? Time, money and sacrifice. The welfare system must be reformed. A work program to train people must be made. Term limits to those in a political office must be created. Universities must be reformed and purged of those that wish to demean and discredit the very nation they live within.
What is most important is the need to return God to the center of this nation. God must be placed where He belongs. The Bible must be read by all. If they choose to accept what is within the pages of this book is still up to them, they will go into their choices knowing the fates they have decided to pursue after.
For as long as God is pushed aside there will be those that will become tyrants over others. Some will do so with good intentions, but without God it will wither and rot. We see the rotten fruit now.
Riots given strength by those that should not be saying a word, yet the speak and make things worse. All this is coming from one party in the USA. It is a political party that has removed God from any document associated with them. They embrace all that will cause strive and cause you to turn to them for aid. While most blindly go along with them listening to their lies of hatred and discord.
This nation has fallen on hard times all due to this one political group, yet most think it was not them that have caused their problems, but if they would just look and realize that their intent is to bring about disharmony and disputes, all designed to distract and discourage.
But can we save this nation? I do not know, for far too many still listen to the Democratic Party. A party that is following the same road that led to the fall of Rome, the Napoleonic war, World War II and Communist Russia. (By the way Socialism is Communism).

Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: How do you define dating in today’s world?

Dating has changed so much just since I was in high school in the 1970s. I never truly liked having to pursue someone I was interested in getting know, but it is something that had to be done, for God made it plain that Adam should not be alone and thus made Eve.
In the ‘70s you had schools to get to meet someone or events. Now we have internet dating sites or even matchmaking services. You have a profile that someone reads, your picture for him or her to look at. Then the courage needed to type a message saying, “Hey you want to chat” or something like that.
Then you chat, through either e-mails or instant messaging, or texting each other on your phones. You get a feeling on how that person thinks feels and believes. Then you talk on the phone and see how each other sounds responds in a one on one conversation and see if they hold up.
Then you meet in person for the first time. Is this a first date? I mean really. Think on that. What if you felt really comfortable with the person you had been chatting with? What if to you they were beautiful or handsome in the picture they had presented for the world to see?
You meet them in person and they are looking great to you. You enjoy a drink, or a meal, or a walk in park or mall. Is this really the first date? You feel you know them. You enjoy their company. You see nothing negative. You see they have been honest with you and they see you have been honest with them. Is this really the first date?
In the movie “The Quiet Man” with John Wayne. He is an Americanized Irishman that is confronted with the dating practices of rural Ireland at the time the movie is made in the 1930s. In the movie they list different events that will take place a month at a time, but it all boiled down to seeing if you were compatible. Meaning shared the same likes, enjoyed the company of the other person, and mainly if you see God’s hand was present in the match between you.
Now days all that should truly matter is God’s approval. I can honestly say that was not present in my previous long-term relationships. The first time due to both being too young. The second due to deception taking place from the other side.
I guess it really does not matter what you call a first date, but I can say it is best not to rush. Why? To avoid the chance of deception. It is also important to be very honest. However, this brings up a point. How can you check the honestly of someone? I do not even have an idea how to answer that question myself. Go with your gut, which is where you know God will lead you from.
Be sure how you feel. Be sure how they feel. See if being with that other person makes you feel right. What is more important is making sure that it is a type of relationship God supports. If God calls it a sin in the Bible, it is a sin. This means it is wrong. The Bible also said to those that have been married before, that it would be best to stay single, but if you could not go without those actions that are called blessed within a marriage, but a sin outside of marriage it would be better for you to remarry so you would not live in sin.
So do what is right in the eyes of the Lord. Pray and ask for His support and favor, and it will be a blessed relationship.

Should Christianity change?

Many ask that question. What is to follow is my opinion on the matter.
My answer to this question. NO. It should not change. Christianity has had its difficulties ever since Jesus. Even in the early days, many of the things that are present in the church today were present in the church when Paul was teaching unto the Gentiles.
If you are willing to go with what is popular today than your heart is not where it should be. We are not to be a part of the world but separate from it as an example of what is good in the eyes of God. If you go about saying that it is okay to sin then you are turning your back on God. This goes for any sin. If the Bible states it is a sin it cannot change. It is still the same sin it was when it is called a sin when God on Mount Sinai gave Moses the laws. It was a sin when Jesus walked upon the earth. It was a sin when our ancestors came to America so they could worship God as the Bible taught, not as a King said it was to be done. It is a sin today.
I will help and befriend someone who chooses to live in sin, but I will still try to get him or her to realize that they are living in sin. It is not my place to force them to change. It is my place to be the light of God upon the world and expose those acts as sin.
If that person rejects God that is their choice as it should be, but I will still let them know that “if” there is a God then they are destine to an eternal life that is more hideous then what ISIS (ISIL) is doing to my fellow Christians in the Middle East. An ETERNAL LIVE of pain and suffering by their own choice.
As Christians, we are meant to be an example of what is true, right and clean. If your church allows those that sin within it. Then that church has turned it back on God and is no longer a church. A prime example is the Presbyterian Church, which first stated it would no longer acknowledge Israel, but then said it would accept homosexuality. That organization is no longer Christian and so if you call yourself Christian you must leave this group and find a place that is still Christian and follow the teaching of the Bible. We are told that Israel is the promised nation of God so to deny Israel is to deny God. We are told in the Bible that homosexuality is a sin. Therefore, if you allow sin into your buildings you allow Satan to have dominion and not God.
The basic principles of Christianity have lasted since 33 A.D. until now. That is one thousand nine hundred and eight plus years. Not counting the years from Mount Sinai. Nearly two thousand years that these rules, laws and teachings have endured yet now they are wrong? Sorry, but those that say they are wrong are the ones that are in the wrong.
People are dying more than ever for calling themselves Christian. Are you willing to have someone saw off your head as they did or are you a hypocrite? I already now the answer. I am willing to die a martyr for God. Are you?

Growing faith

A recurring theme throughout my life has been the desire to respect others. Sure, some parts of my personality can be a thorn to some, but who amongst us can say that is not true for any person. In my early teens, I allowed my peers to turn my heart to hardness. This lasted until I was in my mid-twenties. One thing that I know marked these years was the mere fact that I had become selfish and self-serving.
When I became born again at twenty-six the man, what I should have been came back into existence. A man that God knew and recognized. (See my post “Overwhelming sin” to understand what I meant by this statement). The man returned to what the boy I had been before I allowed my peers to turn me into what I had become in the dark years.
I learned to give into my desires and wants in those years. I allowed myself to listen to only myself. Not caring if I hurt people. Many of these people were girls and women, especially when I turned eighteen.
Regret is one thing that has crossed my mind more than once over the last quarter of a century plus. Sometimes this regret causes me to do things that help others. Then there are times this regret has made me avoid situations out of fear they may be a repeat of something from my past that I do not wish to go through again. I feel these regrets are due to me trying to think of others before myself.
Too many times in the Bible we are told be humble, placing others before ourselves. The emphasis is too poignant that true faith requires humility, thus selflessness. When you are selfish, you are not acting for God. When thinking of your own desires no matter how little or big you have placed yourself before others.
I really think it is in all of us to be humble. I know I was humble when I was a child and had forgotten it due to pain and humiliation. How I returned to it is where free-will comes into play. I felt wrong from my behavior. I felt more guilt as I became more selfish. I do not know if others experience this and hide it, but it allowed me to face myself and realize this is not what God wanted for me or us for that matter. So I chose through the act of free-will to return to what I was taught in my youth.
I know I am not perfect. No human can ever be perfect. I know I have overcome sins that would have turned me into someone other then what I am. I know not only that it was God, but an inner strength that has allowed me to grow into the man I am today. Where did I get this inner strength? From my trials I have face throughout my life. Without these trials, I feel I would in no way be the man I am today.
All I do know is that the man that types these words today is in fact someone who deserves to be call a man, since there is a difference between being male and being a man. It is by God and for God that I am here, and I praise Him for that.