Month: January 2015

Once again

Today the news was filled with foiled terrorist attacks and anarchist trying to disrupt the normal lives of the common person. As I have stated before both of these elements within the world’s society have only one goal in mind. Chaos which will allow their way of thinking to win. Also as I stated before they serve the same purpose, destruction of the way you live your life.
Yet most go about living this life like it will not affect them. It is sad that it takes events like that of 9/11 to cause the average person to actually turn their head and make them think for a moment. Then they just go back and live their life like they have before. Some may do so a little more carefully though.
The thing is there truly is a cure to all this disharmony. It is the teaching of Jesus Christ. If people would read them, understand them and then practice them they would soon have a better world to live within. It is a world that we had for a short time in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s in the United States.
True it was not perfect. But when dealing with humans nothing can ever be perfect. In this time frame God was known. God was celebrated. God was honored. God rewarded us with some peace.
Then those that do not honor God started to rear their heads. Slowly God has been taken from this country, and in return this nation as fallen upon hard times. Why? Because people do not honor or respect each other as they are taught to do in the Bible. Who is to blame? Those that have been removing God. Those that have been dishonoring God.
This nation was founded as a nation to worship God. Was it perfect? No. For nothing made of man can ever be perfect. But as long as this nation honored and respected God it was rewarded with some type of peace and prosperity. Now we are in hard times and it is all due to not honoring or respecting God.
It is time to return to the Bible. It is time to return God to His place within this nation. It is time to place God first and to love our neighbors as ourselves and then and only then will God reward us once again.

Why do those that call themselves “Christians” do nothing to help fix the problems with the world?

We are called to be servants. We are called to be shepherds. If we are to lead we are to be servants unto those that we are called to lead. Yet this is not how most that call themselves “Christian” act. The stay in their little world and complain about this or shake their head about that. Do they actually do anything about it though? For the most part the answer is “no.”
As I posted recently the true definition of a “hypocrite” was someone that acted a part. Meaning they act like they are “Christians” but in reality they are not. This is how most that call themselves “Christian” really are. They allow those that wish to remove God from the world to do so. They allow a person that is destroying this nation to run it just become they did not want to vote for a Mormon.
Now they are reaping what they sowed. Christians are hated and God is removed from schools and the world. All the time they sit back and complain, but do nothing. You counter to this post with “why are you not doing anything but complaining in this blog.”
I counter with: this blog is what God has given me to do in his service. This is my ministry. What is your ministry?

This is the year Christianity should lead

Picture is my lousy attempt at “cartooning” which I dedicate to “Charlie Hebdo”

This is the year that demands the resurgence of the Christian believes and teachings. To long Christians have turned the cheek. To long have Christians set silent. Understand that true Christian faith hates the sin, but loves the sinner.
Jesus was rebuked for spending more time with those that sin. His reply was they needed Him more. That is still true today. It is time Christians started making their believes heard and understood.
Become active in government. Write your congressperson and senator. If they do not listen, run against them.
Do not support things that do not support your Christian values. Do you know I will not watch certain television stations because they show things that are against the teaching of the Bible? If more would do this then these shows would be pulled for low ratings. When you support them you are placing them before your faith and thus before God.
If you scoff at this statement then are you really even Christian. Maybe you should look to yourself then and think where you should be in your standing with God.
Those are just a few things that are giving power to those that deny God and turn from Him. It is your lack of commitment that ultimately fuels hatred of Christianity, because all they see is a hypocrite.

If I can tell don’t you think God already knew?

Jesus made it so even the simplest of minds could understand and accept His teachings.
1) LOVE GOD ALWAYS. Place God at the center. Do everything for Him and per the way He said it should be done. Simply if God says something is good in the Bible then it is good and safe. If God says something is bad in the Bible then it is not safe and should be avoided at all costs.
2) Treat everyone like they are you. How would you like to be treated? With kindness, respect, caring, love. Then this is how you should treat EVERYONE. This means your neighbor, the person in the car or truck next to you on the road. People you work with or go to school with.
If you can do this then you are following God. It is also stated in Titus 3:1 to obey the laws of the land and those that enforce these laws.
Signs like “Black life’s matter” are counter to number “2.” What of the White person? What of the Hispanic? What of the Oriental? Do their lives not matter as well? The correct answer is yes, but the moment you make a sign cutting out other races you become a racist. You disobey God thus you deny God. For to God ALL life is precious and has meaning. If we are to make signs like “Black life’s matter,” should we not then make signs that say “Unborn babies matter” Yet the latter would be and has been torn down and torn up when done.
When you listen to those that create a divide within the human race you listen to someone that is Anti-God and in reality hates everyone but themselves. So they have one goal in life to satisfy themselves. They care nothing at all if a black life matters unless they themselves are black and are promised rewards and riches by those in power. The only problem is they will ultimately get nothing since only those in power that have manipulated them will get any type of “reward.”
This is the sad truth of the matter, but will they listen? As long as they deny God the answer is going to be: no they will not.

What caused the Crusades is the same thing that is causing the Jihad today.

It is a total misunderstanding of the teachings of that group’s religious book.
The Crusades was caused by the few that perverted the teachings of the Bible which resulted in the invasion into the Holy Lands.
Now today we have the Qur’an’s teaching being perverted by a few and spreading their lies to those that have not fully and completely read this holy book. As a result we have today’s Jihad which is nothing more than a modern version of the Christian Crusades.
What is required is for those with the true knowledge of the Qur’an to become more vocal and to stop this Jihad. Will they do this? They have not yet, so I seriously doubt it

Wake up………………… WE ARE AT WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This war came to America on 9/11. The then President said we are at war. He also said it would be a long war.
The current president said we are not at war. He also said you can keep your doctor. Yet yesterday twelve French citizens died in this war. It is here and it will not go away as long as those in power deny it exists.
To me these deaths are at the door step of the White House and any further deaths until the man in that building accepts and acknowledges that truth. Unfortunately I seriously doubt it will happen. He is so entrenched into his leftist dogma that he is blinded to the real truth.
This is the true sadness. People on the left politically are so unwilling to open discussion. They entrench themselves behind words that have been drilled into their heads over and over. I have noticed that when someone is open to a discussion they are able to work for what is good. When you lock yourself behind words and refuse to move all you cause is destruction.
To have faith and true believe in God is something that is every changing. It is not the same as it was yesterday, last year or when you were younger. Christians, true Christians have the ability to adapt. It does not change their core believes, but it helps them to understand the world about them. They adjust to the world, and when possible change it for good. While those that do not believe in God try to adjust the world to them not realizing that when they do this they end up destroying themselves.
What is the biggest irony of all is that those men killed yesterday hated all religions. It was a believe in a religion that caused their death and it will take a true understanding of God and religion that ultimately call them martyrs.

Review: Divergent (2014)

I have to say this is one of the worst movies I have watched. The story premise was stupid and quickly falls apart. The villain of the story. Wait was there a villain. Oh yeah, her character was so weak I nearly forgot there was one. (Kate Winslet needs to give her money she earned for this back).
I will say this. They tried to create a society that was something that was neutral yet if you really think on the teachings of the Bible the “divergent” were actually Christians. Something I really think they had no intention of making, but they actually did subconsciously. This maybe is what has made this movie so popular since people really do seek out God in their life.

Base Story: 0 out of 5 swords
Acting: 2 out of 5 swords
Special effects: 2 out of 5 swords
Overall: 1.33 swords out of 5 swords

A new year begins and there are still surprises

Today officially a new year begins for me. It already shows promise and at the same time already shows trails. Now I get to see if the mundane will be the same. The mundane is one of the greatest trials that effects most. It is this that I think causes a lot of trouble for all. They cannot accept it due to promises made by parents and others in authority.
A prime example is the “white knight” that ladies look for throughout their lives. There are many other examples: sports, fame and winning the lottery. All focus on one thing. Rewards here upon the earth. All also promise to remove the mundane.
Here is the kicker: They just create a different type of mundane. A “white knight” is not the answer. Being great at sports is not the answer. Fame is not the answer. Money is not the answer.
How can I get folks to understand that this life we now live is a mere blink in the eye to the life we are ALL promised we will live, but how we live in this blink will determine how good or bad the next billion years will be. Each little action we make in the next hour is as important as a lifetime of behavior towards those about us. An action that will affect us for an eternity. A core element is ones believe in God. It is better to believe there is a God then not. Why? Because time and again those that deny God fall into depravity while that that say there is a God avoid certain acts of behavior that helps make society thrive and grow.
Now accepting there is God and asking God into your life as different as believing or not believing in God in the first place. I would like you to accept God into your life. I see the importance. I know that seeking reward upon this earth is futile because I know there is wonders that will be beyond this temporal existence that are more than worth waiting for and that is a true reward.


And what is the first thing I am greeted with as I walk into to work.
“So and So passed away!”
This man sought after the here the now. The rewards of this earth. He cussed and told dirty jokes and thought himself loved by those about him. Yet people did not. They degraded and talk badly about him. Knew that if they wished short cuts to be done he was the “go to” person.
Now he is gone. From all outward signs he was not right with God. He did not have a personal relationship with God, nor did I think he even believed in God. I treated him as I try and treat all about me as my equal. I was nice, but I never got the opportunity to talk to him of God. Was this my failing, or God’s timing? He lived his live in sin of this I have no doubt. I have witnessed firsthand him showing hundred dollar bills held like a hand of cards up to a camera on a computer screen to show some woman on the other side of the world that cared nothing for him but cared only for the money on display before her.
Did he leave any true evidence of his existence? What is there that can truly last? Another person’s soul. I don’t mean children, I mean a soul. We have them you know. All of us. It is that part of us that will go on and live for forever. It is that part of us that will remove the corrupt and put on the uncorrupted. This is what is important in seeking out and asking God into your life. We are to bear the fruit of salvation for as many as will listen. So that once the time comes that we do receive the uncorrupted we will also be ready to receive the reward that is promised us. Not in this temporal life but in the eternal life that will be filled with rewards and wonders beyond compare.
Are you ready for the eternal life?

It puzzles me

One thing I have noted is those that say there should be tolerance for all points of view, but when Christianity shows in one form or another it is suddenly something that cannot be heard, said or shown.
Is this not intolerance?
They accuse the Christians of being hypocrites yet they are the ones being hypocritical.
Could their intolerance be because deep inside they see the truth and try to deny it by lashing out at the Christians?

Our life on earth will be filled with trials

There are those that tell you to seek happiness and reward here upon the earth. This is not what the Bible teaches. The Bible says that our life will be filled with trials and tribulations. Most will be caused by other humans, some will come from God.
We are told that our reward is not of this earth and as each day goes by I came to see that to be true. I see the corruption of this earth causing once holy institutions to turn their backs upon the nation of Israel and to welcome sin into the buildings.
Those that truly follow the Christian faith tell you to turn your back upon sin and to turn to God through His Son Jesus for salvation. Yet they say you are saved but you still commit these sins. If God decided to destroy Sodom and Gaamor over these sins why are they now welcome?
The answer is they are not. If the person turns from their sin then they are welcomed into the church. Will it be easy? No, it will be a daily struggle, yet it must be done if you wish to commune with God and to receive your reward which is promised to you beyond this life.
If this institution places the sin above the person, as is being done, then they are choosing the sin over God and they shall reap their reward.
People need to be shown and taught the true value of faith. As long as there are those that say you are to receive your reward here on this earth people will be confused and led astray from the truth